Tools of the Trade: 5 Must Have Vegetable Garden Tools

5 Must have Garden Tools on

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To do any job right, you need the right tools! Green gardeners know that the right tools can help them tend to their gardens with greater ease and give them fantastic results. If you are unsure about what tools you need for your own vegetable garden, take a look below at these 5 must have vegetable garden tools. How many of these are part of your arsenal? How many do you need to get? Either way, making sure you own these five pieces can help you in all of your vegetable gardening endeavors!  Take a look.

 5 Must Have Vegetable Garden Tools:

1. A watering source.
This can be either a watering can, hose, or sprinkler. Whatever you choose, make sure it is something close to your garden that will be convenient to use, otherwise you may skip feedings.

2. A durable shovel.
You are going to use your shovel to prep your soil and plant your plants. You want one that is durable and comfortable on your body to use. It should be a good length/height for you that is comfortable and does not involve too much strain.

3. Sharp shears.
Shears can be used to prune your plants, remove dead foliage, snip off produce, snip wire fencing, and so much more. You want a pair that is sharp and durable, comfortable on your hands, and of good quality. You will use these daily, so a great pair is a must.

4. Gardening gloves.
While not exactly a tool, this is one supply you don’t want to go without. Invest in a nice, durable pair of gloves that you can plant and weed in. You want to protect your hands from thorns or allergic reactions you may have to plants. You can also protect your nail beds this way. A good pair of gloves helps you get the job done with less pain!

5. A slender rake.
A slender rake is perfect for getting under plants and removing dead leaves as well as keeping your soil mixed and aerated. Raking your garden can help keep it healthy and remove debris. You will also need a good rake during your spring and fall clean up.

So how many of these tools do you already have? How many do you need? As you can see they are all rather basic and easy to obtain, but can make all of the difference in your garden. Skip the fancy tools and make sure you have these five on hand as you will find you use them daily!

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