Toluna Product Testers: FREE Mapa Garden Gloves!


Oh happy day!  Toluna needs product-testers for MAPA Gardening Gloves!  Only 200 spots are open – so don’t delay, sign up now!  These just became available as of July 1st.

I just looked up these gloves and would you believe MAPA gloves go from $50 – $100+?!?!  They must be really nice!

Besides being a product tester and trying new items before they hit the shelves – you’ll also be offered survey opportunities which will earn you between $1 and $5 each!  Toluna is a great way to get a few perks here and there without alot of effort.  Sign up HERE!


  1. deb kovac says

    How do you find the product testing on the site? I’m all ready a member. Any help would be great I’m new to the site.

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