A Purposeful, Peaceful Christmas – Part I.

Tis the Season….  What does a purposeful peaceful Christmas look like to you?  What is your goal?

Jump ahead 3 months to Christmas Night.  As you crawl into bed, when all is finished, imagine jotting down how your Christmas went this year.  Now go ahead and write it.  Yes right now!  I want you to have a tangible picture in your mind to hold on to while you prepare.  No pressure – you don’t have to write a novel – but just jot down some phrases and ideas.

Do you want to hear a couple of mine?  I’ll just give you just few items on my wish list:

  • I want to wake up Christmas morning, pull out that casserole I put together the night before and stick it in the oven before the presents start.  Then I want us to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus, like we did when I was a kid.   I know – it sounds simple – but daggonit, I just can’t ever seem to do it!
  • I want Christmas Eve to be peaceful and warm and cozy.  I want to pull cookies out of the oven (having pre-made the dough) for the kids to munch.  I want to get out my guitar and sing “Good King Wenceslaus” like the girls did in the “Little Women” movie. ( Because corny things like that are how traditions are built!)  And I want us all to cozy up together to read the Christmas Story at bedtime. (Without being elsewhere, mentally.)
  • I want the little gifts – like teacher and co-worker presents – finished and wrapped so far ahead of time that they don’t even make a blip on my Holiday Radar come the homestretch. I can devote that last-minute rush-rush time to some fun Holiday Baking instead.

We want you to write your story – the Christmas YOU want to have – and we’ll spend the next few months working together to make that happen. We even have the perfect place for you to write that story down (No – not the back of that bill sitting next to you!)

We’ve created a Christmas Planner for you guys! It’s a guide that you can download and print – and we’ll be giving it to you page by page as we tackle each part of the planning process. You can put them in a binder, or staple them together and use them to stay organized and focused throughout the coming months!  Just click on the image below to print a PDF of Page 1.

A Purposeful Peaceful Christmas
Click HERE to download the FREE Printable Christmas Planner

Your Mission: Write down your Christmas goals.


  1. Sandy Stephens says

    I am so excited about A Purposeful Peaceful Christmas! I have had a stressfull year. I would like to wind down 2010 in a more serene kinda a way. I think if we all put our heads together we can give each other some great helpful hints to make this a great holiday season. Happy Holidays!

  2. Lisa says

    After trying to get the page to print without success, I finally clicked on the image instead of the link below it. I obviously wasn’t paying attention while I was reading this post and definitely need to work on the peaceful aspects of my life. : )

  3. Kristen says

    Thank you!
    I think this is a wonderful thing you are doing. With three young kids, I get so lost in the shopping and wrapping, and thousands of other un-important things. This year, I want to create memories, and be able to remember the fun things about the holidays. YOU will help me do that :)

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