TinyPrints Father’s Day Cards – $.99! (That’s 75% OFF)



I got an email from TinyPrints today asking us to share this awesome Father’s Day offer with our readers – this deal is NOT advertised on their website!

Get a personalized Father’s Day Greeting Card for only $.99 when you use code GC99 at checkout.

You can have it sent to yourself for FREE – or straight to that special dad for $.44 postage.  Pick a collage card and throw in pics of all the family – or just a great photo of dad with a sentimental message.

Don’t have a photo handy?  There are tons of gorgeous cards that are ready for you to add a personal message – no pictures needed.    Use this link to go straight to the Father’s Day section and browse around!

TinyPrints really does have the most adorable designs – they’re normally $3.99 each, and they’re very high quality.  Have any of you purchased from TinyPrints before?  If so – what did you think?



  1. joy joyner says

    They are the best cards I’ve seen! I love them and will start using them for birthday cards and such. Too expensive for Christmas cards and invitations but birthday’s and special occasions they are no more than a card at the store and soooo much better!

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