Tiny Prints: $.99 Personalized Photo Valentine (Ends Tomorrow!)

You know the little $.99 cheap-o cards you can find at the store?  They’re not terribly romantic, nor will they impress anyone.  Well, right now you can spend just $.99 on a REALLY cute & impressive card over at TinyPrints!

They’re running a Valentine Card blowout that ends on 1/31, and some of their designs are REALLY CUTE.  I like the one above, just because it’s more fun and playful :)

I think this one is my real favorite, because you can showcase a few special lovey-dovey moments.

There are several very cool cards that don’t require a photo, if you’d rather not dig one out – and all of them can be personalized with your true love’s name and any ‘ole text you want!

  1. GO HERE and pick a card you like
  2. Personalize it and use code: cupid99
  3. Total will be just $.99 plus the price of the stamp!

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