Tiny Garden Tips: Vegetable Gardens for Apartment Dwellers

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Photo Credit: LollyKnit

If you think that living in an apartment should put a damper on your gardening plans, think again! If you are an apartment dweller, you can put a vegetable garden on a balcony or containers in your  windows. This way, you can harvest fresh vegetables even in your own small space. The way to a thriving apartment garden is to understand your tiny environment, and pick plants that need less space. So if you are an apartment dweller wanting your own garden, keep reading to learn how! Vegetable gardens for apartment dwellers are quite obtainable!

Three Steps to a Beautiful Apartment Garden:

Evaluate your growing conditions:
The availability of sunlight will be the biggest factor in determining which plants will do well in your urban environment. You can select from a much wider variety of choices of plants the more sun you have.  Watch the pattern of the sunlight on your patio before beginning selecting plants.

Small spaces means small plants:
Tomatoes and peppers can thrive in containers, as long as they you give them support for their stalks. Try your green and  leafy veggies like lettuce and greens. Root vegetables thrive in containers as well.

Feed your plants.
Your containers will have to be fertilized more often than plants outdoors since there is not natural soil around them. Be sure to fertilize on a regular basis according to package instructions.

That’s it! By following these three steps, any apartment dweller can easily enjoy a fun and fresh vegetable garden. Good luck!


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