Time4Fall: Creative Costume Contest & Giveaway!

Fall is in full swing, and it’s time to have some fun with it….  And what’s more fun that Dress Up!

Do you have a photo of a creative costume you’ve worn or made? We want to see them!!  If you have photos of your kids (or yourself) in a costume that shows some creativity or craftiness – just send it to us at time2saveworkshops@gmail.com Subject Line: Costume Contest.  The winner will get a fun prize from one of our favorite stores!

$20 CVS Gift Card + Beauty Giftbag

Win this CVS Beauty & Pampering Goodie Bag, as well as a $20 CVS Gift Card!

The goodie bag includes a full-size Lumene Daycream, purse-sized Essence of Beauty hand lotions, Eco Tools products, Covergirl Natural Beauty mascara and lip gloss, Pantene hair treatments and Bath & Body Works Kitchen Vanilla Lotion (Ok, so that wasn’t from CVS – but we went shopping this weekend and we wanted to throw it in :) )  You’ll also get a Reusable CVS shopping bag and of course, the $20 GiftCard to help you fill it!


To Enter: Email time2saveworkshops@gmail.com
Subject Line: Costume Contest

Entries must be submitted by midnight on Thursday (10/20) and we’ll let the Time2Save Community pick a winner by next Monday (10/24)


I’ll get the ball rolling – Here’s my littlest dressed up as an Ewok a couple years ago – I made it out of an old bear costume and some extra fabric.




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