Time2Give: Partnership for Families, Children, and Adults

While we’ve been striving this weekend to stay on top of all the online deals for your Christmas shopping – I want to switch gears now to remind everyone about another important part of preparing for Christmas. Giving.

Heidi has found another great place to donate for us – and this one takes items you may not normally think about – like weedeaters!  Thank you so much Heidi – for keeping us on track during this season of giving!

Another great place to donate is the Partnership for Families, Children and Adults. They have helped over 74,000 people in Tennessee, North Alabama, and Northwest Georgia. They are a social service agency that provides services such as Family Violence and Sexual Assault, Pregnancy Counseling, Adoption & Foster Care, and Services for the Elderly. This is a great option if you have gently used furniture or other household items that you no longer want. They have put together a wish list, though they said they will take things not listed as well.   Here are some things they are in need of right now.  (Click Read More to see the whole list)

Cleaning equipment:

Rug shampooer
Vacuum cleaners
Mops, brooms, dust pans
Laundry and cleaning supplies(must contain no bleach )
Stacking washer and dryer
Dishwashing liquid

Household items:

Restaurant-style can openers
Irons and ironing boards
Wall shelving
Gently used furniture:(Chairs, sofa, tables, lamps, etc)
Twin sheets/pillow cases/blankets
Towels and washcloths
Food storage baggies
Aluminum foil, plastic wrap
Bake ware
Paper goods
Pots and pans
Dishcloths and sponges


Razors/shaving cream
Hair driers
Diapers (children and adults)
Baby wipes
Clothing(children and adults):
White socks

Coffee and supplies
Nutritional snacks
Canned fruits and vegetables
Ensure/Boost supplements

Small (room) refrigerators
Camping gear
TVs and DVD players
O-ce supplies
Small calculators
Display board
Gas leaf blower
Hand tools
Weed eater
18 volt power drills
6 or 8 foot ladder
Almost “good-as-new” o-ce
furniture, including  le cabinets

Sports and game equipment:
Balls (soccer, basket and footballs)
Video game systems and games
Ping Pong, Foosball/Air Hockey table
Other needs:
Tickets for games, shows, museums, etc. • Vouchers for gasoline • Greeting Cards
Volunteers, including: • Office/clerical workers • IT specialists • Youth mentors • Hotline responders


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