Time2Give Opportunity – Vote to provide Mobility Van for Skyler Bates

One of our favorite reader/contributors “Deal Detective Kim” sent in this post for us to share with the Time2Save community – and as a mother of a 10 year old boy I can say I just want to love on this sweetie and I certinly hope he gets that van!
Deal Detective Kim here, with a story that’s touched my heart. 
Last week, I was at a work conference where one of the presentations was on the dangers of meth, both to our children and our communities as a whole.  I have a family member who’s been personally touched by meth–a cousin who’s now raising a grandchild because the child’s mother got caught up in meth–and I have seen the effects on that child first-hand.  So, needless to say, the presentation was preaching to the choir.  Since I was out of town most of last week, I’m just now catching up on news and emails from last week.  I found this story, from right here in our own backyard.  Meet Skyler:
Skyler's Anti-Meth Fight
Skyler is 10 and was born with cerebral palsy. Because of his mother’s Meth addiction, Skyler has suffered much, including the death of his two little brothers.  Right now, he desperately needs votes to help him to get a wheelchair-accessible van.  You can read Skyler’s Story here.
This post’s goal is two-fold.  First, I want to raise awareness of the somewhat hidden scourge meth is in our communities.  I guarantee you, no matter what your family’s background or social status is, you know someone whose life has been negatively impacted by meth, even if you’re unaware of it.  These labs are dangerous, exploding often without warning, catching innocent victims in the fires.  Many times, these victims are children, there because their parents are addicts.  The children are the real victims here.  Skyler is one of literally thousands in Tennessee alone.
My second goal is to encourage you to vote for Skyler to get the mobility van he needs.  This little guy is TEN years old, he’s seen more tragedy (up close and personal) than most of us 4 and 5 times his age.  He could curl up into a ball and give up, but he’s not.  He’s choosing to stand and fight, to bring something good from something bad.  That’s huge.  Skyler’s grandmother is raising him, and she could certainly use OUR help!
You can go HERE to vote for Skylar (You will have to register, and you can vote once per day.)
You can go HERE to “like” Skylar’s Facebook page, and stand with the rest of us who say “We DON’T want meth in OUR communities!”
And, finally, you can go HERE for more information about how meth damages our communities, and what you can do to help.

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