Time2Educate: Where to start

You asked for it – and here it is!

Welcome to our weekly series on educating your children.  Whether you are homeschooling, or trying to foster a positive educational environment in your home – we want to help you in that role!  A parent is a child’s first and most important educator – so join us each week for encouragement and help along the way.

The first thing that most moms ask about educating their children is, “Where do I start?”  I say, “Start where you are!” It is great to have long term goals, as long as trying to achieve those goals isn’t getting in the way of what your child’s more immediate educational needs are.  (If you would like to train your child to be the next great rock star of our time, let’s start with learning what a music note is!) What are your goals for your family and your child?  Are you just beginning to homeschool, trying to help with homework assignments, or trying to prepare your toddler or preschooler for what is next?

There are many resources to help you decide, educationally, where your child is as well as where they should be.  One resource that I have found helpful is WorldBook.com.  They have a Course of Study section of their website that is very useful in determining what your child should be learning at what stage in their education.  This type of list can be used if you are trying to prepare your Preschooler for Kindergarten, if you are trying to find the right curricula for homeschooling, and to figure out if your traditional schooled child is learning the things they ought.

Other great on-line resources that can guide you in determining what your child’s educational needs are can be found in curricula guides.  Even if you do not plan on using a particular curriculum for your child, their “scope and sequence” guides can be helpful.  A “scope” is the breadth and depth of content, or the range of study whereas the “sequence” is the order in which the content is presented.  Most curricula have a scope and sequence listed on their websites.

Here are some other great resources that I have found helpful:

Whatever educational path you have chosen for your child, you can have a positive impact on their education!

I hope to share MORE things that will aid you and your family in getting the resources you need to successfully educate your children.

Time2Educate is written by resident homeschool expert Mandi Johnson.  She’s a blogger here, for Time2Save Workshops, as well as a wife, mommy, and educator.  She homeschools her children and is a Tutor and a regional Director for Classical Conversations, a Classical Christian Homeschool program.


  1. Christy says

    Thanks for this segment. I’m looking at homeschooling my high school daughter next year – would love to start now, but feel it’s too late in the school year. She would be doing a lot of independent work, do you have any idea about high school age curriculum?

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