Time2Earn Tuesday (Delayed Edition!) – Swabucks Secret Earning Tips!

So many of us are now using SwagBucks that I thought it would be worth sharing with you a few way to earn that you might have missed.

If you’re not familiar with SwagBucks, it is a super easy way to earn virtual “bucks” just for searching the internet. These Swagbucks can be redeemed for gift cards and other great rewards. See my full post HERE.

OK Swagernauts — Here’s what I’ve found.

1. If you’re not using the Swagbucks Toolbar – Download it. It makes it so easy to search and win PLUS you’ll get a FREE Swagbuck every day when you log in. (Right now this is doubled to 2 Swagbucks)

2. Each day, log onto the Swagbucks Website and take the Daily Poll. You’ll see the link in the left hand column. You’ll get at least 1 Swagbuck each day that you do this.

3. Sign up for the Swagbucks Trusted Surveys. You’ll also see this link on the left side of the website. Sometime, I get a Swagbucks, just for clicking the link. Each time I log in, I can see a list of the available surveys and the Swagbucks awarded for each. Most are worth at least 50 Swagbucks!

4. Special Offers — I completely stumbled upon this one. We’ve been wanting to try NetFlix at our house. I happened to see that I can sign up for the FREE Trial through the Swagbucks Special Offers section and get 530 Swagbucks!! Wohoo! They have lots of offers, so check them out.

Let’s share our Swagbucks strategies— What’s your favorite way to earn them??


  1. Tammy says

    I have been using swagbucks for a couple months, but have just ordered my first two amazon gift cards. Does anyone know if you can use both in one transaction? Or is it limited to one per purchase? Also, it says 10-14 days for it to be in your account on swagbucks, does it really take that long or just a “give it that long”? Thanks!!

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