Time 2 Teach: Reading Resources

Teaching your child to read does not have to be expensive!  One on-line resource that stands out is Starfall.com.

Starfall.com is a FREE site that provides over 30 lessons that teach reading phonetically.  This program is easy for children to use because it gives limited options on what to click on.   It doesn’t take long for a child to figure out how to navigate to site.  My children have all started using the program on my laptop when they were 3!  The stories are cute and the animation is simple but effective.  Try it out HERE and let me know what you think.

Another fun site is learntoreadfree.com.  This site offers 44 FREE lessons from Montessori Home, Inc.  These lessons focus on 55 words that educators feel should be the first 55 words a child knows to read.   The lessons only take 10 minutes a day in addition to playing some of the sites supporting reading games.  You have to sign up as a parent and you get a summary of what your child has done to keep track of their learning.  Try it HERE.

Other great sites to try:

Remember that one of the most important things about teaching your children to read is to read to them – and the library is always FREE! (unless of course you are like me always carry a fine :) )


Time2Educate is written by resident homeschool expert Mandi Johnson.  She’s a blogger here, for Time2Save Workshops, as well as a wife, mommy, and educator.  She homeschools her children and is a Tutor and a regional Director for Classical Conversations, a Classical Christian Homeschool program.

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