Time 2 Give: Reader, Joy, donates 10 Shampoos to Homeless Shelter

We all know that coupons can help us save money on things our own families need – but if you’ve ever stocked up on a great deal, you’ll realize that when you have enough (and often more than enough) of something, it makes it easy to give it away!  Giving, in fact, is a large part of why we continue to coupon through good weeks and bad.  Having that opportunity to go from a place of need to a position of helping others is a real blessing.

Whether you take extra school supplies to school, bring boxes of non-perishables to the church food pantry, or drop off toiletries to the women’s shelter – we want to support you and tell your story here!  To encourage all you “extreme givers” out there – we’re starting a new segment featuring stories of couponers who make a practice of giving, rather than hoarding, their surplus supplies.

This week, for instance, reader Joy commented that she had been to CVS to get (10) Herbal Essence shampoos and a box of Puff’s for around $5 at CVS.  She was even able to mail in her receipt for the $5 P&G Rebate we metioned here.  I actually emailed her to ask if she would send me a picture of her great haul, and this was her apologetic response:

So sorry! I already donated it to a local homeless mission.


That stopped me in my tracks this rainy Thursday afternoon.  Joy – if you’re still reading – we just want to say how AWESOME you are!  It’s a great reminder that I have too much shampoo sitting around my house as well :)

We’d love to feature a story of giving through couponing in your life – if you’d be willing to share, please email us at time2saveworkshops (at) gmail (dot) com!

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