Time 2 Give – Adopt a US Soldier

One of the main reasons we strive to save money (and teach others) is so that we have the resources to GIVE to others more freely.  Reader Jenny wrote in a couple days ago to share a wonderful opportunity for giving, please take a moment to read her letter:

“I would like to put an idea out there.  I know that so many of us get food and supplies for free… I have a solution to help others!  I have officially adopted a US. Soldier.  I don’t know if anyone else out there is familiar with this but it is a wonderful program.  You sign up here (http://www.adoptaussoldier.org/) and in a few days, they send you the name and address of your soldier… you can send them letters, care packages, etc… 

I recently sent mine some free deodorant and body wash (he is currently in Afghanistan), as well as some snacky foods.  It is a great way to support our military men and women… my soldier said his package was a “godsend”… Thanks so much and hope you have a great day!”

THANK YOU JENNY!  This is a wonderful way to help someone far away home by sending a little bit of comfort in a box.  I know many of you have a special place in your heart for a soldier – think of them as you begin to put a box together with love.

NOTE: Get free bodywash & shampoo at CVS this week, see my post HERE

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