Time 2 Educate: 5 FREE Scholastic Children’s Books + other book resources

What’s the most important resource for teaching your children?
Books! Here are a few ways to improve your home library.


Scholastic and Kumon:   Get up to 5 FREE books! These two companies have come together to offer a way for your family to be awarded up to 5 FREE books by completing activity sheets according to your child’s age.  Complete 1 sheet and get 2 books or complete 2 sheets and get 5!

  • Go HERE to PRINT the Activity Sheets and Redemption Form.
  • Have your child complete the “Activities.”
  • Fill out the Redemption Form and check the books you would like to receive.
  • Send the Activity Sheets and Redemption Form to the address on the forms and sit back and relax!
  • Fine Print:  Only 5 FREE books per household.  Your child must complete Activity Sheets from the same age  level.  For example, if your child completes the age 7-9 reading sheet, they must also complete the age 7-9 math sheet.

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library: Get a FREE Book EVERY MONTH from birth until your child is 5!  Dolly Parton has teamed up with affiliates nationwide to provide a book every month for your child as a way to encourage literacy.  Eligibility is determined by your county and state.  Go HERE to find out if your area is covered and sign up!

Library Used Book Sales: Almost every library system has some sort of used book sale.  Some libraries even have a standard location at their facility for discarded books for sale.  Contact your local library for their used book sales.

Used Book Stores: If you love books and have never been to a used book store, you are missing out!  Most cities have used book stores big or small.  You can find them by searching on sites like Yellow Pages.com.  One great thing about used book stores is that they have to get their books from somewhere!  Many offer cash or consignment value to books that you bring in.

How do you stock your bookshelves?

Time2Educate is written by resident homeschool expert Mandi Johnson.  She’s a blogger here, for Time2Save Workshops, as well as a wife, mommy, and educator.  She homeschools her children and is a Tutor and a regional Director for Classical Conversations, a Classical Christian Homeschool program.

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