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Thoughful Thursdays are a series of posts focused on ideas for being frugal in other areas of life (i.e. Not just groceries!)  Tonight’s segnent focuses on…

HomeSchooling Resources

Written By: Mandi Johnson

The first thing that I learned about Homeschooling is that every parent is ultimately a “Home Educator.”  Whether you are personally teaching your children their formal lessons, assisting in a child’s classroom, helping with homework, or simply teaching your little one how to tie his shoes, you are educating your child.

Hi, I am Mandi Johnson.  I am a blogger here, for Time2Save Workshops and I am a wife, mommy, and educator.  I homeschool my children and I am a Tutor and a regional Director for Classical Conversations, a Classical Christian Homeschool program.

Education can be very expensive but it doesn’t have to be!  There are so many free and inexpensive resources for parents and Home Educators.  Here is one of my favorite online resources:

Zoodles is a child-friendly browser that allows your child to browse thousands of on-line educational and fun resources without worry.  All of the hand-picked content is age appropriate and can even be tailored to your child’s educational needs.  The browser takes up the entire screen so your child can not get to your files!  To exit the program you have to type the word “quit.”

The free version is great and even sends you an email each week with a breakdown of what each of your children has done including what areas of study they have practiced.  (Homeschoolers tip: Print these emails out for your portfolio and they count toward your education time!)

Family members can even send video messages and record stories to be shared with your child!

The FREE version includes:

  • Child-friendly browser interface
  • Age appropriate content based on the parents settings
  • History shown for up to the past 7 days
  • Ability to personalize for each child in your family

The PAID version includes all of the above AND:

  • Full History
  • Parent is able to promote subjects
  • Parent is able to block content or characters
  • Block ads shown on individual websites (the free version shows the ads but the child is still not allowed to go to the ad site.  If a child does click on the ad, they are directed back to the game browser!)
  • Set time limits on usage
  • Add content to the site for your child

For more details about the differences between the FREE and PAID versions go HERE.
For a list of the games and content offered to each age group go HERE.
The browser is available for Mac, PC, iPad, Android, iPhone, and iPod.

I hope to share MORE things that will aid you and your family in getting the resources you need to successfully educate your children.  We are thinking of doing a weekly, education-based post with reviews and free and cheap education resources!  Let us know if you are interested!


  1. Laurie Gates says

    Hi Mandi, great job! Zoodles is a great program, and I saw it first at your house! You are a terrific mom and teacher and I look forward to reading more articles that you write.

  2. says

    I am glad you all enjoyed the post! I already working on what I will put in next week. For those of you with homeschool questions, comment that you have a question and I will get in touch with you!

    Kasey, thanks babe! You are too sweet.

  3. Rebecca says

    I’d be interested in getting more info. about Classical Conversations… is there a local group? From what I understood, the closest group was in Atlanta.

  4. Katie says

    Hi Candis, I just started homeschooling my oldest last year and will add my middle child soon. I think the homeschool fair at Camp Jordon has TONS of info and lectures! Going every year blesses me and is like a pep rally for the new year!

    I am still figuring this all out but would love to see a group of frugal, christian homeschooling moms get together!

  5. says

    Hey ya’ll it’s Kasey. I wanted to give an extra shout out to Mandi. First, this is an awesome post. Kelly and I both homeschool our kids. Secondly, Mandi is my daughters tutor and she is an incredible educator. We have enjoyed Classical Conversations so much. Thanks Mandi – as always you inspire me!


  6. candis noland says

    hi mandi, my name is candis noland and i am very interested in homeschooling my children Avery 5, and Abram 3. i am having a really hard time finding someone to get information from about all of my options in homeschooling. If u could help me, or have any contacts that would help me to figure out all of my options i would appreciate it greatly. Hope to here from u soon.


    candis noland

  7. April says

    I’d love to see more segments about homeschooling! I homeschool my 8 yr old twins and 6 yr old, plus I have a 1 yr old that I will homeschool in the future. I’m always looking for inexpensive ways to educate!

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