Thoughtful Thursday: Skeleton Key Art Project!

Spring is in the air and we’ve been spending Thoughtful Thursdays lately learning how to spiff up our homes on the cheap!  This week is no exception, as Allison from House of Hepworths.drops by to teach us how to make some cool new wall art using skeleton keys! (Isn’t this cute?!)

Materials Needed:

* small skeleton keys
* shadowbox frame
* brown paper lunch sacks
* white school glue

(There are lots of fab helpful pictures with this tutorial, so click “READ MORE” to see the full post!)

These fun mini skeleton keys were purchased on ETSY.


The shadowbox frame was purchased at goodwill, but you can get them at Michael’s.


I removed the back of the frame and started prepping for the Paper Bag Technique.

First, take a paper bag and tear it up into random pieces. Then crumble them all up and flatten them out again.


Next, water down the school glue just a tad, then paint it on the front side of the back of the frame.


Then, stick the torn pieces of paper over the glue. Now take your glue mixture and paint it all over the top of the paper now so that it all sticks down nice and flat.


I left it over night to dry. This is how it looks once it’s dry. Isn’t it looking better already?!


Ok so obviously you don’t want all the extra edges, so I took a blade and just carefully sliced them off.


Now my mat is ready for the keys! I seriously LOVE this paper bag technique. I guess it’s like paper mache or mod podge.


I messed around with the layout of the keys for awhile. Finally I settled on this arrangement. I put a dab of hot glue on the back of each key to hold them to the mat.


In addition to the mat and the keys, I also spray painted the frame a brown metallic color and scraped the design off the glass.

Finally, reattach the back of the frame. It is that easy!


Beautiful Skeleton Key Art does not have to cost you a fortune. You can easily make your very own.

It still amazes me how much cheaper it is to make your own projects as opposed to buying them retai!

I hope this tutorial has sparked some of your creativity and given you a good starting point to create your own projects!

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If you like these projects (I sure do!!) then you’ll love Allison’s blog. Just click the button below to check out all the fun – and let her know the gals at Time2Save sent you!





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