The Saturday Savings Report: Thanksgiving!

Hello, Jay here from New Crazy Deals. With this Thanksgiving week here, I had to buy a good bit of stuff that wasn’t a great deal but it still came out pretty good. Checkout was $132 before bonus card and coupons. We paid $80, a savings of $52!

As you can see we got a good variety of things, from Turkey to Peanut Butter. The veggie tray and the $25 worth of un-couponed cheese for my famous homemade tons of cheese mac and cheese set us back a bit, but when I was stuffed on the couch on Thanksgiving watching football, it was all worth it.

Your Turn!

Are you a frugal blogger? If so come link-up here every Saturday with your favorite savings story of the week!

How to participate in the Saturday Savings Report:

  1. Write a short blog post about your Savings Adventure.
  2. Leave a direct link to your savings post. Not a blogger? Leave a comment in the comment section!
  3. Make sure to include specific info like which store you shopped – so other readers can try out your brilliant plan.


  1. Tiffany says

    Well – I am a blog procrastinator – so I will just post here.

    On Black Friday – I purchased $73 worth of products at Walgreens, $8,73 OOP, $3 RR for next week. Then I did a little shopping at Rite Aid and purchased $107 worth of products, $13.89 OOP, $6.96 Up Rewards for next week, after a SCR and MIR for the Sonicare Toothbrush which was high on my Christmas list this year. Then I stopped at CVS for some stocking stuffers totaling $26, $3.24 OOP, $20.97 ECB’s for next week.

    I took a little detour to Kmart for some layaway deals – got $157 worth of products before the sale prices – $83 worth after sale prices – and put in the layaway for $15…and safely waiting for me to retrieve it before Christmas. One more stop at Sportsmans Warehouse – $87 worth of product before sale – $34 after sale prices – and total OOP was $0 due to a gift card for completing surveys online.

    All of my Christmas shopping is complete. Between diligent shopping during the year to put things back that are always good for Christmas, sales, etc – I have finished my shopping with 27 days left to enjoy my holiday stress-free. I plan to spend the rest of the weekend putting up the Christmas tree and gathering a few things for our local family assistance program. Good sales and coupons have given me the option of assembling a few boxed “holiday meals” for the program, all wrapped in beautiful baskets that I collected and cleaned all year long at yard sales, thrift stores and curb alerts.

    I hope you all have a safe and wonderful holiday! Kasey, Kelly and Jame – thank you for your hard work this year to point us to the great deals…and still keep us mindful of giving to others. Its is with a joyful heart that I celebrate the holidays with my family – and know that I have given back to our community as well.

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