The Saturday Savings Report: 8/28 (Come link up!)

This just in!   If you’re looking for a spot to share your shopping trips & stockpile runs – come by the Time2Save News Desk every Saturday to leave a comment or link-up!  We LOVE hearing your stories, so spill the beans!

This week I’ve only made one little Bi-Lo run & swung by CVS for some free Vitamin waters – I have more shopping to do, but here’s my small haul so far (Notice the Airwick Boxes are empty, that’s cause I deployed them into the boys rooms & bathrooms already :)

(4) Shamrock Milk Chugs = FREE
(1) Bestlife Butter Spread = FREE (Raincheck from prior week)
(2) Lactaid Milks = $.38
(2) Ideal Sweeteners = $.34
(2) Packs Chinet Lunch Plates = $1.16
(4) Airwick I-Motion Compact Kits = $1.96
(1) New England Coffee = $1.99
(20) Vitamin Waters @ CVS = FREE
Total = $5.83
Total Before Coupons/Sales = Appr. $48
See the Bi-Lo deals broken down HERE & HERE. See CVS Deals HERE.

Your Turn!

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  1. says

    We have been to Bi/lo 3 times this weekend at the one in Dalton, and they will not honor our coupons for the Bic, We had buy one get one free and then a $2.00 stack which would make them $.99 and they told us all 3 times they couldnt take both the manufactored coupons. What happened my sister-in-law used hers wenesday. thanks Debbie Smith

    • Jamie says

      Debbie – did your sister-in-law use a diff. Bi-Lo? I would start using hers!

      No seriously – this coupon stack is totally valid. Let me try to explain:

      When you use a Buy One Get One Free Coupon on two items – the coupon actively changes the price of the second item – or the FREE one. That is the only item the coupon is making cheaper. The first item that you bought, and paid full price for, has not been affected by a coupon yet. So you may then use the $2 Off Coupon on it.

      If the Manufacturer had said, Get $4 Off the Purchase of (2) Bic razors, then both items would be affected by the coupon – and no other coupon could be used with that.

      Now, I know this doesn’t help much when you’re standing at the cash register – but I encourage you to take this issue to a manager at a calm time and let him know that all other stores follow this logic and accept 2 coupons, including the Bi-Lo down the road :)

  2. grace says

    works for me, I have those $2 Blinkie coupons too, I did take them after reading your Lactaid milk post awhile ago. Thanks

  3. grace says

    I do not see Lactaid milk on your list, is it on sale this week at Bilo? YOu have it in the pic. I was almost throwing away my Shamrock coupons, was not sure what it was, will go get them and try, thanks for posting

    • Jamie says

      Sorry Grace – $2.19 is the regular price for the small containers of Lactaid, and there were $2 Off Blinkie Coupons at Publix – making them $.19 ea. I mentioned it last week, and forgot to add it into this week’s list. I’ll go do that now!

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