The Purposeful, Peaceful Christmas Calendar (Print it Today!)

Well, here we are – 7 days into October already!  I hope you’re enjoying the cool golden afternoons and beautiful chilly evenings of this Autumn.  It won’t be long now until “crisp” gives way to downright “cold” and we start to hear Christmas music on the car radio.  In fact – I was at Kmart last night, and they already had their whole winter wonderland set up – right beside the Halloween decorations!

To help us stay on track with our preparations for a Purposeful, Peaceful Christmas this year – we’ve created a mini-calendar of just the next 3 months.  Feel free to print out the following three sheets, and add them to your planner with the other printouts from this series.  Pretty soon we’ll be trying to pencil in school plays and parties, church functions, family get togethers, office potlucks, Secret Santas, traveling, cookie exchanges, and trips to the mall. (Did I make you hyperventilate a little, or have a full-on panic attack?)

It’s our hope, that this year we can sit down with our calendars and spread out the little “tasks” that must be done to prepare for Christmas. We’ll do our shopping along the way, we’ll make lists and menus, we’ll gather ingredients and supplies for our Holiday meals, we’ll scrimp and save with smart shopping.  And by being purposeful in these things, we hope to have PEACE in our hearts and homes this Christmas.

If you haven’t joined us in our Purposeful, Peaceful Christmas Series yet, you can read all the posts and tips we’ve shared along the way HERE.

To Download the Printable E-Book Click HERE

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