The *New* Ibotta: Get $6 in Bonus Cash during May!


The Ibotta App just recently got an UPGRADE – and let me tell you, the New Ibotta is so much easier and more rewarding!

With the New Ibotta, there are new earning opportunities through Bonuses and Store Extras – like $6 in Bonus Cash during May alone!

New Bonuses

With the New Ibotta, you can earn Bonuses.  To get to these Bonuses, just tap “Bonuses” from the Main Menu of the app, where you can check out all of the exciting Bonuses currently available to you to earn additional cash. From here, tap on the specific Bonuses to reveal instructions and earning levels. New Bonuses can be revealed at any time; you may even uncover some hidden surprises as you use the app!

This month there are 2 bonus offers you can get worth a total of $6 – a $2 May Flowers Bonus (For redeeming 4 offers) and the $4 May Flowers2 Bonus (For redeeming 5 more offers).That is super exciting – you’ll be getting paid $6 just to use Ibotta Savings – which are already a no-brainer.  Ibotta users can cash out ever $5, so get your bonuses and turn them into Amazon Giftcards this month!

New Store Extras

With the New Ibotta, you can receive Ibotta Product Offers that are exclusively available at specific retailers called Store Extras.  From the Main Menu of the app, tap “Store Extras” to reveal all of the exciting retail specific offers available to you to earn additional cash.  Be on the lookout for new retailers participating in Store Extras.

With the New Ibotta, you can now keep track of Ibotta purchases while you are shopping by using the Checklist. The Checklist also shows expiration dates for each activated offer, and reminds you which offers you have activated.


With the New Ibotta, you can see all of the activity in your Ibotta account in one centralized place. The Activity stream will show you the status of your receipt submissions, friends invited to the app, progress toward bonuses, and much more. Additionally, your Lifetime Earnings with Ibotta will now be reflected in the “Withdraw Cash” section of the app.

Clearer Expiration Dates

With the New Ibotta, expiration dates will be shown in two different places. Once you activate an offer, the expiration date can be found on both your Checklist and in the Ibotta Product Gallery and Store Extras Gallery (tap on the item to reveal the expiration date). Additionally, if an offer is less than 5 days away from expiring, we will also display an “expiring” flag and expiration date for those items as well.  Remember, in order to save offers until their expiration dates be sure to complete at least one task for each offer that interests you so it is added to your Checklist.

I’m loving these upgrades – how about you?  If you haven’t yet signed up for Ibotta - sign up HERE!

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