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The Drive-In: Go before summer’s over!

What was on your bucket list for summer this year?

One of our helpers, Lindsay, has the FUNNEST family outings – for instance, this year she made several little trips with her family to awesome places that took only 1 tank of gas (Like Amicalola Falls, the largest waterfall in Georgia).  She even told me all about geo-caching once -  find out about that fun activity here.

I wish I were as gung-ho as Lindsay, but I’m a tad bit on the …er… lazy side.  My goal was a little less ambitious – I just really REALLY REALLY wanted to go to the Drive-In Movies.

This has been on my summer to-do-list for years now – and somehow or other we always wait too long and then they’re closed for the year.  But a couple of weeks ago, we loaded up ye old Land Rover with kids, blankets and lawn chairs and drove the 30 minutes to the nearest drive-in.

If you’re not lucky enough to live near a drive-in theater, I pity you :(

See that sad face?  That is my sad face of pity for you!  Just come visit me some weekend and I will TAKE you to the drive-in – that’s how much I want you to go!  (Although you’ll maybe have to scrunch up on the floor – or we could tie you to the roof- because my family of 6 has a way of filling a Land Rover right on up)

So back to a couple weeks ago….  It was Carload Night at the Sigin’ Midway Drive-In – where you can squeeze a whole carload of people in for just $10 total.  When I was a kid, we would borrow PawPaws old station wagon and take half the neighborhood with us to carload night.  (It was just $5 then)  Mom would pop a brown grocery bag full of popcorn to take along, we’d lie a bunch of blankets in the back end of the wagon for movie time – and cue total happiness.

Being the cripplingly nostalgic sort – I insisted on backing up to the screen with our tailgate out, so the kids could lie on blankets to watch the movie.  Dad & I sat in lawnchairs with a gallon-sized cup of soda to share, and the kids happily sipped on juice boxes and munched popcorn.  Before the movie and during intermission – the kids converged on the playground on the grass in front of the big screen.  Squeaking see-saws, merry go rounds, and swings kept time with the 1950′s music blaring through the bulky metal speakers.

When the show started, they raced back to the truck to throw off flip-flops and snuggle back into their blanket nest.  Somewhere between the begining of Mr. Popper’s Penguins and the end of Captain America – dad and I even got time to sneak in some hand holding…

We finished the long double-feature night by bundling the sleeping kids into their car seats and hanging our speakers back on the wooden posts.  As we crunched through the gravel out the drive, I mentally crossed this one off my Bucket List, with plans to do it again – very very soon.

If you’re interested in finding a Drive-In Theater in your neck of the woods – you can search by state HERE. If you plan on heading to my very own Swingin’ Midway Drive-in, they even have a Facebook page with info on upcoming flicks.  Just remember – if you’re heading out to Carload Night, make sure to heed the following rule posted on their page:

*All vehicles are subject to random trunk search for SNEAK INS. SNEAK INS pay DOUBLE


Tell me – what’s your favorite summer fun thing to do with your family?

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