The Benefits of Vegetable Gardens: Why Grow a Vegetable Garden?

Benefits of planting a vegetable garden


If you are thinking about planting a vegetable garden, you might be wondering what the benefits of vegetable gardens are.

This is just our third year having a garden and we absolutely love it!  A small vegetable garden in your own backyard can bring you many benefits. Not only will you realize the creative and very fun benefits of gardening, but you will grow fresh produce for your family and the local food pantry even. Gardening can be a fun family affair with your children and a chance to teach them many new skills as well (we’ve worked it into our homeschool curriculum for the summer)! Everyone can get in on these benefits, and you will soon find that even a tiny garden can help so many people and bring them food and joy.

Want to plant your own? Your first step is to find a sunny and bright on your property which has a minimum of 8  hours of sunlight.  Organic matter and fertilizers added to increase the nutrient value of the soil so don’t get concerned about soil quality. The garden size can be as small as 2 foot diameter containers, a 4’x8’ raised bed or a 10’ x 15’ ground bed. Why not start small and increase the size as your gardening skills increase?

If you are worried that a small starter garden won’t benefit you much, did you know that a 10’ x 15’ garden can produce up to 200 lbs. of produce? That is a lot of food! Think of all of the family fun you can enjoy and how many people that 200 pounds can feed. As you can see, even a small vegetable garden can have many benefits, no doubt!

Some of the other benefits of vegetable gardens:

  • Fresh, locally grown food that tastes as good as it looks.
  • The chance to share with others your extras.
  • The exercise digging and weed pulling provide.
  • The chance to educate children about nature and provide basic nature lessons.
  • Visual appeal to your landscaping that can increase home value.
  • Knowing exactly where your food came from.
  • The chance to harvest seeds for next year.

So why not reap the benefits of vegetable gardens? You will find out that your hard work will pay off ten fold!


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