Thanksgiving Family Funnies

Of course the most important part of Thanksgiving is to look back and to reflect on all the blessings in our lives.   At the same time in the midst of all the thankfulness, when family gets together there is bound to be something hilarious that happens.

Everyone is thankful, full, and sooo sleepy.
Gary, Kasey, and Caleb Trenum napping at Mi Mi’s house on Thanksgiving.

1. My mother (Kasey’s) has become a texting, facebooking, picture taking maniac. Today, she got a mischievous streak and took the picture above and posted it on facebook.  This was a surprise to us!  


My husband gave me permission to share this as long as I clarified that he had a very full tummy at the time. 

2.  My grandmother has alzheimer’s and lives in a nursing home.  Although her memory isn’t the best, she’s still in good health so she was able to leave the nursing home to spend Thanksgiving Day with us.  It had been a while since she saw my kids, so we had to introduce them to her several times. 

Okay – here’s the funny part.  My daughter was sitting on my husbands lap when my grandmother came around the corner,  to ask  her name again.  As my grandmother bent down to hug Morgan,  she poked my husband in the tummy and asked very innocently if  he was pregnant while she was laughing.  She was so cute because she was completely serious and walked away excited as if a new great grand baby was on it’s way.   Again – my husband asked that I stress he was very very full.

It’s your turn ~ some of you have to have a great family funny.


 If you haven’t already shared with us on facebook, 

Time 2 $ave Let’s encourage each other. What is something that at times you’ve found difficult to give thanks for…but looking back you know it was used greatly in your life? Click HEREto share on Facebook.


  1. Christy says

    My 3yo nephew had a little pee pee accident tonight while at my cousin’s house. I asked my cousin’s little boy who is 4yo if he had any panties…he shook his head furiously and said NO I have underwear! I asked where they were thinking we would borrow a pair for my nephew. He looked at me like I was really dumb and said, ‘Under my pants!’ hahahaha!

  2. Andie says

    Each holiday my sister in law “insists” on my potato salad! I made it on Wednesday and put it in my mother-in-law’s fridge. While I was away, they decided to take just a little pre-taste. While walking to the sink with the bowl of potato salad, the bowl slipped out of my sister-in-law’s hands, hit the floor and potato salad went all over the kitchen! My sister-in-law called to find out how to make it. When I asked if she and my mother-in-law had eaten all, she confessed!

  3. Jamie says

    After watching me pull the “Guts” out of the turkey this morning – and then finally thaw out the neck enough to get it out as well (Whew!) – and finally wash it and pat it down and start to stuff the cavity – my 5 year old declared that “Thanksgiving is the grossest Holiday EVER!!”

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