Ten Thousand Facebook Fans….THIS WEEK?

As of 4:35 Sunday Afternoon, Time2Save has 9009 Facebook “fans” – and we think that with your help we can make it to 10,000 fans by this time next week!  Will you help us meet our crazy goal?   Here’s how you do it:

1. Go to the Time2Save fan page
2. Click on Suggest to Friends (under our Butterfly Logo)
3. Select all your friends
4. Click Send Invitations

We have 993 fans to go before we hit 10,000 – but if each of you invite your other Facebook Friends, we can easily hit the mark!  Who knows, maybe we’ll hit 12,000…..or 15,000!

The Fun Part…. Giveaways!

Now we wouldn’t ask you for a favor, without giving you something in return – would we? Starting today, we’ll be cleaning out the ole Giveaway Closet and doing a new giveaway each day.   Stay tuned this evening for the first of several giveaways!


  1. Jennifer sapp says

    I sent out 437 invitations! I love the site and have turned many friends over to the site!! Who does not like to save money! and you girls make it simple!

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