Tax Free Shopping Holidays by State


Tax Free Shopping days are coming – here’s a list of the days and details for each state!  Tennessee sales tax is a whopping nearly 10% – so this is a HUGE discount if you’re planning to make a big purchase.  Tennessee’s Tax-Free Holiday is August 3-August 5 and applies to the following merchandise:

  • Clothes under $100, School and Art Supplies under $100, Computers under $1500

New Mexico (dates aren’t set yet but we assume it will be the same week as it was in 2011)
New York
North Carolina
Oklahoma  (dates aren’t set yet but we assume it will be the same week as it was in 2011)
South Carolina
Vermont (Vermont will not be hosting any tax free back to school holidays this year)
Washington D.C.
West Virginia (we’ve spoken with the office of the Govenor & a date  has not been set as of yet, check back)

- Thanks, FamilyFrugalFun!

If you get excited about saving 6-10%, like for this tax-free day, let me remind you that by joining Ebates or you can usually get a similar amount in cashback when you make online purchases.  If you can manage to get Free Shipping (by using a promo code or buying a certain $$ amount) then it ONLY makes sense to buy online and get cashback!

Ex. #1)  Buy a new laptop for  college for $400.  By shopping online and getting cashback, you could get $20-$40 back!

Ex. #2) Check out the Old Navy Deal we posted this afternoon HERE!  (Get Girls Shirts & Tanks for $4 shipped)

That’s like having a tax-free holiday any day of the week :)

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