Target: Possible Free Revlon Beauty Tools?!

It’s been reported that folks are snagging a HOT deal on Revlon Beauty Tools at Target this week!

You can use the $2/1 manufacturer coupon on Target’s website to get a FREE Revlon beauty tool
*For instance, mini clippers are $1.59

Shoppers who purchased a Revlon beauty tool have had a nice surprise – a catalina for $2/1 Revlon Beauty Tool, or $5/2 Revlon Beauty Tools printed out after their receipt!

Now if you ask me, those are some REALLY HOT coupons to snag!  You can use these coupons to buy more free tools, and get more catalina coupons!

*This deal may or may not be at all locations – the original poster did this at a SuperTarget.

If you happen to try it out, let us know where you’re located and what you bought – so you can help other readers out!

Thanks, Princessthecat22!


  1. Tami says

    And here I was excited about my $3 off of a beauty tool and a nail polish lol. Would have loved that $5 off of 2 maybe I’ll try this weekend.

  2. stephanie says

    I did this last week with the original 2.00 coupon. Purchased 2 , then recieved 2 (5.00 of 2 revlon). I went yesterday & purchased 4 more, which resulted in 1 (5.00 off 2) & 1 (2.00 off 1). I was at a regular Target in Michigan.

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