Target Open on Thanksgiving for Black Friday?

Photo Credit: money.cnn

Have you guys hear this?  I just found out that Target is opening it’s doors on Thanksgiving night – 9pm will be the new opening time. Last year Target opened up their Black Friday sale at midnight on Thanksgiving night – but in order to compete with other big retailers, it looks like they’ve decided that opening earlier will give them an advantage.   (See the Target Black Friday Ad)

Wal-Mart however, still beats them by an hour -  opening at 8pm this year (last year they opened at 10pm).  (See the Walmart Black Friday Ad)

People are calling it the “Black Friday Creep”, as retailers slowly creep back earlier and earlier into Thanksgiving Day itself.

It’s a little scary to me that the retail aspect of such a beloved family holiday is now taking over that holiday itself.  I hope for the sake of the employees who work at these stores, that next year sees a shift back to the other direction.

See the full list of Black Friday Store Hours

What do you think about the earlier openings?  Will you be shopping on Black Friday?


  1. Jeanie Lane says

    Retailers are getting greeder! They have ruin the traditional Black Friday for me. The worst part people will go on Thanksgiving because there will be that one thing they have to have at a great price. I hope people will boycott and not go until Friday, but we know that just won’t happen. I hope those who have to leave their families to work on Thanksgiving have a nice day with their families, before the real rush begins.

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