Target Coupons & Deals: 3/10-3/16


target Here are the coupon match-ups for this week.  You can get cheap Nature Made Vitamins, Method Handsoap, Always, and more.


Target Tips:

Gift Card Deals


  1. Heather says

    There is also a free food saver and 29 cent appliance light bulbs. The food saver is on sale for $16.99 and their is a $10 off coupon with the Target digital coupons (the ones they send to your phone) This is a store coupon. Then there is a $10 manu. coupon here:

    Also in the digital coupons is a coupon for $5 off when you buy 2 GE Reveal light bulbs – the appliance bulbs are $2.79 each.

    I did this deal at the store last night — WATCH the ring up, my GE coupon didn’t come off, but because I had it on my phone and could show them, they adjusted down. My store also does overage (know that is not the norm though) making this a moneymaker for me!

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