Target $5 Giftcard in Spring Mailer!

My preschooler and I headed out on our walk to to feed the ducks today, and stopped to peek in the mailbox.  What a fun surprise!  On the back of the Target Spring Mailer, there’s a $5 Giftcard when you spend $50!

I love these – in the past I’ve been able to get $50 worth of items, hand over the $5 Giftcard coupon FIRST, and then hand over allllll my other coupons to bring my total way down.

See all this week’s Target Deals HERE

Have you received any Target mailers/coupons lately?  Please share in the comments!


    • Jamie says

      Sarah – I just rechecked mine and it’s $5 for $50 – that’s so weird! You must not be as special as I am… :)

  1. Wanda Elliott says

    I was wanting to know how do you get Target to send you their spring Mailer or any other mailer for that matter?

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