Best Ways to Save Money on Easter Baskets & all the Fillings!

Best Ways to Save on Easter Baskets & All the Fillings on

With a little planning ahead and creativity, assembling Easter baskets doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are best ways to save money on Easter Baskets and all the fillings that can make the gift giving fun and exciting too.

First, purchase Easter baskets at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s on sale or with a 40% off coupon. That 40% off coupon is key if the item is not on sale already, as it will net you huge savings. Find something durable, then reuse it from year to year. [Read more...]

10 Ways to Save Money Shopping Holiday Clearance (Pro-Tip #9)

10 Ways to Save Money (Shopping Holiday Clearance)

Jamie here!  I’ve been helping my brother learn how to save money lately, as he makes a fresh start in a new home with few belongings.  He needs a good deal on LOTS of items – from kids’ toys, new photo albums, furniture, food and everything in between.   Right now, we’re working on using the Holiday clearance aisle to get him set for the kids upcoming birthdays.

Since I was at it already, it seemed a good time as any to start a new frugal series!  Here are 10 Ways to Save Money by shopping Holiday Clearance.  Check in each evening for a new “Pro Tip” and we’d love for you to pin the ones you find helpful!

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3 Ways to Save Money at Home Without Clipping Coupons

Ways to Save Money at Home on
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Once the holidays are over is seems like life slows down a bit as we try to get back in our normal routine. It’s a great time to go through your monthly bills and find ways to cut costs and save money!  Here are 3 ways to save money at home without clipping coupons. [Read more...]

More Christmas Clearance Ideas

Best Ways to Save Money on Christmas Clearance on

Once Christmas is over there is always a feeling of let down that follows for me. It’s like all the Christmas fun is gone for another year. I dread putting our Christmas tree and decorations away. But, there is one silver lining in this cloud….the after Christmas Clearance sales!  Like any other holiday, stores around the country waste no time marking down their Christmas items to make room for new inventory.  This is something you can take advantage of and find some great buys to have ready and waiting when next year rolls around. Here are a couple of the best ways to save money on Christmas Clearance Items.

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