Not Just for Summer: Tips for Planting a Fall Vegetable Garden

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Gardens do not have to be saved just for the summer season. Most everything you plant in spring you can grow in your fall garden, too.  Wouldn’t it be fun to enjoy your garden and all of its produce well into the fall season? Below, you will find tips for planting a fall vegetable garden that will continue to give you a harvest well after summer. You will notice that these are cool season plants, meaning they will tolerate a light frost. They will also thrive in short daylight hours and perform best with mild temperatures. So if planting a fall vegetable garden is something you wanted to try, read on! [Read more...]

Fall Vegetable Gardens in Texas: How to Tips!

Many people do not associate vegetable gardens with Texas. After all, the climate is very dry and arid. However, many vegetables do in fact thrive in Texas, especially in the fall season! If you are a tried and true Texan and want to get in on the vegetable gardening craze, you should! Below, you will find some basic tips for prosperous Texas vegetable garden during the fall growing season. Fall vegetable gardens in Texas can not only be fun, but quite prosperous as well! [Read more...]

Vegetable Garden Tips You Will Want to Try This Weekend!

If you have a few minutes to spare this weekend, you have enough time to try any of these five tips that will help you improve and maintain your vegetable garden! You don’t need an entire weekend to get your vegetable garden looking better, you just need a few minutes to try these simple yet effective tasks. Below, you will find five vegetable garden tips that you will want to try this weekend should five spare minutes present themselves!

Take a look and see what a difference five minutes and these tips can make to your garden! [Read more...]

Tools of the Trade: 5 Must Have Vegetable Garden Tools

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To do any job right, you need the right tools! Green gardeners know that the right tools can help them tend to their gardens with greater ease and give them fantastic results. If you are unsure about what tools you need for your own vegetable garden, take a look below at these 5 must have vegetable garden tools. How many of these are part of your arsenal? How many do you need to get? Either way, making sure you own these five pieces can help you in all of your vegetable gardening endeavors!  Take a look. [Read more...]

The Plants You Need: Planting a Vegetable Garden in the Fall

You may have decided that you want to plant a vegetable garden this fall. After all, why save all of the fun for just the summer months? But how do you know what plants you will need? It might be tricky to know which ones will fare well and flourish as you want them too. But luckily, below you will find a comprehensive list of all of the plants you need when planting a vegetable garden in the fall! [Read more...]

Best Planting Practices: DIY Home Vegetable Garden Plan!

Vegetable Garden Plan


Every great gardener know you have to have a plan! Preparing and planting the perfect and most productive garden takes a well thought out plan. By doing so, you will make sure you are making the most of your time as well as your budget! Making a home vegetable garden plan does not need to be time or budget consuming. In fact, you can develop one quite easily. Here is how!

First, you will want to decide what kind of space you will be working with. Do you want a traditional in-ground backyard garden? A small home vegetable garden can be grown in a container or over a balcony? Perhaps you want a raised bed vegetable garden? Once you know the answers to these questions you can start laying out your plan.

A simple notebook or scratch pad is all you need to record the information you collect or ideas you want to jot down. You don’t need anything fancy or expensive.

Ready? Let’s go! [Read more...]

Pair Those Plants: The Key to Successful Companion Planting

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If you have began your vegetable gardening journey, you may have heard the words companion planting. So what exactly is companion planting you ask? Companion planting is planting different garden plant varieties near each other, so that the plants benefit one another. Plant choices are vital to successful companion planting. When done correctly, companion planting can really make your vegetable garden flourish. [Read more...]

Home Depot: Raised 48×48 Cedar Beds only $29.88 + $10 Coupon ends tomorrow!


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These beds look super easy to assemble – no tools required and they put together in minutes.  I’d love to get one for each of the boys to have their very own garden this year.  Or maybe I’ll get just one to be just our “Salsa Garden” since we go through so much of that in the summertime.  I’m very tempted to head over to the Home Depot….

See our post about that $10 off $100 Coupon Code - it ends tomorrow, 4/10!

A little more info about these beds:

[Read more...]