Sweet Simplicity: How to Plant a Simple Vegetable Garden


Who says that vegetable gardens needs to be complex? You don’t need to have a massive garden in order to be a real gardener – or in order to enjoy all of the benefits that a garden offers. A simple vegetable garden may be just the perfect thing for you, especially if you are working with a small space or with limited time.

Below, you will find some simple tips on how to plant a simple vegetable garden. Sometimes simplicity is best, even when it comes to vegetable gardens. Take a look!

How to Plant a Simple Vegetable Garden:

1. Choose 2-3 plant varieties.
Look at your daily diet. What vegetables do you consume daily or weekly? Narrow it down to 2-3 varieties and keep it at that. Focus on growing those 2-3 plants really well instead of spreading yourself out thin with 8-10 plants.

One idea on this scale would be a Salsa Garden – perfect for those who love Mexican Recipes!

2. Choose a manageable sized plot.
A simple 6×6 planting bed may work best for you. It is the perfect size to easily maintain and manipulate your way around – won’t take a TON of tilling to make it happen. A simple square plot may work best as opposed to an alternate shape.  For some folks – a small raised bed is a PERFECT manageable size.

3. Let the soil work for you.
Enrich your soil with crushed egg shells and compost so that it works hard for you. By keeping your soil full of nutrients, it will work for you 24 hours a day keeping your plants healthy.

4. Give your garden a good evening sprinkle.
A quick evening sprinkle will allow your garden to absorb a healthy sip of water each night. You can even set a sprinkler if you wish to make the task even simpler. Just turn it on and go.

5. Bring your family in on the action.
Have your family help with harvesting. This part of the gardening process is simple and fun for kids to do. Pass this task along to them and simplify your gardening even more.

Gardens should be fun, not stressful. Plant a simple vegetable garden and reap the benefits of fresh vegetables with a side of less stress! Gardening is not a contest, it is just a great way to bring fresh produce to your table. Keep it simple and enjoy your garden as it is meant to be enjoyed.

DIY Flower Planters | How to Choose & Arrange Flowers for BIG Impact!


Jamie here, if you’re wanting to try your hand at DIY Flower Planters this year (rather than buying the super-cute-but-crazy-pricey arranged pots at the garden center) I have a super-simple 3-Step Rule to share with you ;)  You need to purchase each of these types of flowers for maximum impact:




You’ll want to begin putting together your DIY Flower Planters by searching for these three types of flowers/plants to fill your pot.

*Keep in mind that they each need to have the same sun requirements






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Vegetable Garden Raised Bed Tutorial


Vegetable Garden Raised Bed Tutorial


If you want to have a vegetable garden this year without the trouble of tilling, why not try out this Vegetable Garden Raised Bed project?  Using a raised bed garden means you have control of the soil quality, you’re able to reach the plants easily from all sides, and you can better protect your little garden from pests.  You can simply purchase one online or at a local hardware store – or you can build your own in just a few easy steps.

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Make them Last: How to Care for Your Vegetable Garden Supplies


You may not have put much thought into how to properly care for your vegetable garden supplies. Chances are you have shovels, hoes, spades, rakes, gloves, pots, and more to help you achieve the garden of your dreams each season. If you find yourself needing to replace these supplies each year, you are most likely not caring for them as you should. Instead of buying new supplies each year, take a look at how easy it is to provide them the care they need so they last you many more seasons! [Read more...]

Vegetable Garden Layout Option: Block Style Gardening


Vegetable Garden Layout Option | Block Style Gardening

Have you ever heard of block style gardening? Block style gardening (also known as square foot gardening) is a method of laying out your plants that  increase your growth compared to a row style garden design.

It’s the perfect way to plan your garden and get the most bang for your buck!  The special design reduces the need for frequent weeding and makes harvesting and water much simpler. Perfect! If you are looking for a vegetable garden layout option, block style gardening may work well for you.  To accommodate this vegetable garden layout, a raised bed is best.  Check out our Vegetable Garden Raised Bed tutorial for detailed instructions.


If you are interested in this method, take a peek at how block style gardening is done!

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Perfect Plantings: What You Need to Know About Vegetable Garden Spacing!

Vegetable Garden Spacing (1)


Everyone loves a full and rich vegetable garden. And so, it might be tempting to really pack your plants in tight and achieve a full and luscious look. However, while it might be visually appealing, the health of your vegetable plants can be hurt if not spaced properly. Plants need room to breathe and grow just like people, so knowing how much space your vegetable plants needs is important. Proper vegetable garden spacing is not only simple to do, but can make a huge difference in your yield!

Take a few moments to consider your vegetable garden spacing, as it really makes a huge difference!

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Small Spaces: Planning a Small Vegetable Garden

planning a small vegetable garden

Have you ever wanted your very own small vegetable garden? Perhaps you don’t have a green thumb just yet, or maybe you just don’t have the room or time for anything on a large scale.  Plant a small vegetable garden.  It does not take a green thumb or special amount of skill!

If a small vegetable garden is in your plans, these small vegetable gardening tricks will help begin. Stay focused, and plan well. If you do this, you can’t go wrong. Here is how to get started! [Read more...]

Bye Bye Bugs: Organic Vegetable Garden Pest Control

Organic Vegetable Garden Pest Control


Organic vegetable garden pest control may sound like something that requires a great deal of knowledge and skill. It may sound like it is a great deal of work as well. But it does not have to be! You don’t have to have a green thumb or be a super savvy scientist to take advantage of the perks organic pest control offers not only your garden but your family as well. If you don’t like the idea of spraying chemicals all over your yard where it can harm people and pets, then organic pest control is for you. So where do you begin? With the recipes below, you too will be able to  carefully and naturally remove pests that would otherwise dine on your crop!

Organic garden pest control methods allow you to safely and naturally control your pest without harming the plants, pets, or kids. Now take a peek at some easy organic pest control recipes below! [Read more...]