Homemade Valentine Gifts: “Soap” You’ll Be My Valentine DIY Teacher’s Gift!


Homemade Valentine's Gift


Teachers love Valentine’s Day just as much as the students! It is a fun time to make Valentine’s as a class, learn more about the history of the holiday, and exchange little gifts. Teachers typically receive lots of goodies to enjoy on Valentine’s Day from their students, including the traditional chocolate and flowers. And while these gifts are very thoughtful and sweet, perhaps you are looking for something a little more unique this year to give? If you want to give your child’s teacher a fun and purposeful Valentine’s Day gift this year, look no further!

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Valentine’s Day Crafts: Candy Barrettes and Picture Frames

DIY Valentine's Craft

You might enjoy nibbling on those crunchy and sweet conversation hearts as the Valentine’s Day season rolls around, but have you ever thought about incorporating them into your accessories? Conversations hearts can be purchased for just a dollar a bag at your local dollar store, and they are great for your Valentine’s Day crafts including sweet Valentine’s Day hair barrettes and picture frames! [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids: Heart Shaped Crayons

Valentine’s Day Craft for Kids:  Heart-Shaped Crayon

Photo Credit: All You Magazine

If you’re already thinking ahead of Valentine’s Day Crafts to do with your kids – you might want to start collecting old crayons!  I don’t know about you – but I am ALWAYS finding stray crayon pieces around our house, in the van, under the couch cushions – I think this is the perfect Valentine’s Day Craft for us!

Basically, you just melt old crayons in a heart-shaped mold and pop them out, voila!  Heart-Shaped Crayons!  They’d be great to give out to classmates – or if you’re a teacher, a great gift for your kiddos!

Here’s how to make them – and some nice deals on Heart-Shaped baking molds as well:


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Valentine Candy Bouquets: Cute Last-Minute Gifts!


Valentine’s Day is sooo close – have you ever thought about making your own Valentine candy bouquet as a last-minute gift idea? (See more Valentine’s Day Ideas Here!) Candy bouquets are a beautiful and tasty alternative to the traditional flower bouquet! Not only do they last much longer, not require any watering, and are edible, but they just seem to light up the faces of the lucky recipient who receives one.

A tasty candy bouquet makes a great gift for anniversaries, showers, birthdays and more, and of course, for Valentine’s Day! These are easy to customize to the likes of your recipient, and you can make one that fits right into your budget depending on the types of candy you use to create it. You can make it as big or as little as you choose.

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Valentines Day Facts: 20 Fun Facts You Might Not Know

Valentines Ideas

Valentine’s Day is a holiday full of sweets and sweethearts! Regardless of how young or old you are, there is still the excitement of exchanging Valentine’s with the ones you love. And while this may seem like a holiday full of candy and flowers, there is a lot more you may not know about this special day. Valentine’s Day facts are a fun way to enjoy this holiday and learn more about it in the process!

Take a peek at these Valentine’s Day facts and learn a little more about this fun day! You might already know some of them, while some might surprise you!

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Valentine’s Flower Delivery: Free FTD Delivery for ShopRunner Members! (Save $29)



No matter how many creative Valentine’s Day ideas we post here on Time2Save  – Valentine’s flower delivery is just a tried and true classic.  And it’s not just for couples in love – I like to send my mom flowers each year if I can find a deal….

Well, for those of you with ShopRunner accounts, flower delivery just got much more affordable!!

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