Couponing for the Rest of Us

Free Giftcards with Swagbucks (NEW Friday Show & Tell!)

Have you been hearing about Swagbucks but haven’t had the time to really check it out? Now is that time! Click on the image below to view a Get-To-Know Swagbucks Guide with helpful screenshots.  This is one more way to put aside a little on the road to a Purposeful Peaceful Christmas!

Join Swagbucks & build a nest egg of Free Gift Cards.

One of our FAVORITE ways to earn gift cards is by using Swagbucks. Kelly, Kasey, Rosie, Robin, Deal Detective Kim & I (Jamie) all use Swagbucks on a daily basis to earn giftcards.  Just download the toolbar HERE, use that to search for all your normal sites, and randomly win “Bucks” througout the day!  (450 Bucks = $5 Amazon Gift Card!)

*NEW* Friday SwagBucks Show-N-Tell

Starting TODAY – we’ll be hosting a Swagbucks Show & Tell every Friday for you to keep track of how many Bucks you’ve earned over the week.  Let’s work together to earn a few gift certificates to use for Christmas Shopping!   Just leave a comment or link-up (if you’re a blogger) below to “Show & Tell” your Swagbucks Wins.   And hey – attach your screenshots if you have them – we want to see proof! :)

*WOW* $1/1 Laura’s Lean Beef Coupon!

I rarely see coupons for beef or chicken – and when I do, I get them right away!!  Here’s a rare $1/1 coupon for Laura’s Lean Beef.  I know for a fact that Bi-Lo sells this, and I’m guessing many other stores do as well.  Just go HERE and sign up for the newsletter to print!

(I hear these are on sale at Target?)

(Thanks to our Deal Detective Kim for emailing me this picture of her Wish-bone $1/1 Meat coupon!)

While we’re on the subject – although meat & produce coupons are hard to find, they do exist!  They often come on tearpads around the produce section, or by salad dressing ($1 off Produce wyb Kraft Dressing), or steak sauces ($1 off meat wyb A-1 sauce), or even vanilla wafers ($1 off bananas wyb nilla wafers)!

If you just can’t get lucky on the tearpad treasure hunt – you can always go over to Ebay and type in “Produce Coupon” or “Beef Coupon” or “Chicken Coupon”.  Read the wording carefully, to make sure the coupon is worth the price (Does it say you have to buy two dressings or just one?) and to check that the expiration date is far away enough for you to find a good sale.

Upromise: A Step-By-Step Tutorial

Save for College the Smart Way!
Couponing can be overwhelming – and we sometimes ignore wonderful programs simply because we don’t understand them.  I don’t want any of OUR readers to lose out because we haven’t explained something well enough, so this Step-By-Step Guide to Upromise is going will walk you through:
1) What Upromise Is
2) Gettingt Started/Sign-Up
3) Registering Your Store Loyalty Cards & Activating Coupons
4) How To Shop With These “E-Coupons” to Save Money!

1)  What IS U-promise?
It’s a FREE Program that helps you earn money for your child’s (Or grandchild, or niece/nephew, or even your OWN) College Tuition!!!  Not only that, you can even use the money you earn to pay off your old college debt!
You simply register your store loyalty cards, activate “E-coupons”, and whenever you purchase those items, the amount of the E-Coupon will be set aside in a College Savings Account!

2)  Getting Started:

Step 1: Sign-Up for Upromise 

Step 2: You’ll be invited into the Preferred Diners Program, and given the option to register your Debit/Credit Cards.  If you decide to do either of these (they’re FREE), you will be able to earn $$$ just paying for gas, dining out, making online purchases, or anything that doesn’t involve a store loyalty card.  But for now, let’s stick to the basics!
Step 3: Go To Your New Account!
3)  Register Your Store Loyalty Cards:

★This is the most Important part, you won’t save any money until you do this!★

✦ Enter your Zipcode to see stores available in your area that have participating loyalty cards.  (Those above are the stores near me!)

✦ Now register the cards you have – I’ve just entered my CVS card below:

✦ Then click “Submit” & then go to the “Coupons and Deals” Tab at the top of the page! (See Below)

✦ Next, choose “Grocery Ecoupons” from the Choices Below:
✦ You will now get to select all the coupons you want activated – I choose all of them, just in case!  After you’ve selected them – Click the Orange Button that says “Activate ECoupons” to the right.

Now you’re ready to shop!

4)  Using Upromise E-Coupons to Save Money

✦ Upromise coupons will deduct automatically whenever you purchase a product that has a Upromise Coupon already activated.

✦ Upromise E-Coupons can be used WITH Manufacturer coupons!

✦ You don’t have to spend time trying to make sure you buy items from your Upromise coupon list (In fact, I wouldn’t suggest it!)  But even if you just shopped EXACTLY how you do now, you’d still have some money down the road you didn’t have before! 

✦✦ Extra Earnings: Get your friends and family members to register their cards with your account, too – without doing anything at all, they’ll be helping to contribute to your kids education!

The money you accrue can be redeemed in 2 ways:

 ✦  Sent in a check to help pay off your own student loans
 ✦  Deposited into a 529 Education Savings Account for the future

What’s the catch?  There IS none!

You have NO reason not to join – and TONS of reasons (Cute, little kid-shaped reasons) to get on the ball with this program!  So Sign-Up, Link-Up Your Grocery Cards, and Start Saving Effortlessly!  Go HERE to register your cards with U-Promise!

The CouponClippers Tutorial!

The Coupon Clippers

I forgot to buy the newspaper last week. And darn it, I REALLY wanted to have that $1/2 Kraft Cheese coupon to supplement my cheese addiction.  Well, today I went on CouponClippers and ordered 5 of those coupons for 50¢ total.  In fact, I also ordered:

I just spent $4.05 on $50.50 worth of coupon savings.  Woot! 
Interested?  It’s very cheap, and very easy, PLUS:
  • Snag coupons you missed out on, especially if your region gets lower value/lower number of coupons than some other regions.
  • Snag MORE coupons for items you really like!
  • Whenever you see a “Sneak Peek” for a grocery store/drug store, you can just order your coupons ahead of time and wait for them to arrive in time for the big sale!

You might be wondering why I ordered so many Hefty, McCormick, and Barilla coupons.  Well, starting on TOMORROW at Bi-Lo Hefty plates, cups and baggies will be BOGO, McCormick seasonings will be BOGO, and Barilla pasta will be on “Price Lock” for $1.

How do you know what next week’s deals will be? 
HotCouponWorld, SlickDeals and AFullCup post previews when readers get hold of an early ad.  Use them as an ordering guide :)
So now you know why some savvy shoppers are able to score great deals in bulk while you are left holding a small handful of coupons.  Here’s a quick How-To-Guide:

1) Go HERE and click on HOT COUPONS over on the left.  You want to see these first, because these are the coupons everyone’s interested in and therefore the supply will run out fast.  Order those first!

 2) Once you’ve checked on those, click on COUPONS at the top.  You can look at them by alphabetical order, or just type in the name of the product.  You will notice several abbreviations around the coupons description.  (See what they mean in the FAQ section.)  DND = “Do Not Double”
DNT = Do Not Triple
9 or 5 = Let’s you know if the barcode starts w/ a 5 (will probably double in a computerized doubling system) or 9 (will not)

3) Interested in tearpads, blinkies, or store coupons that you can never get your hands on?  They have those too!  At the top, where it says Non-SS (= Non Sunday Supplement) you will find random special coupons.  This is one of my favorite parts!

There are lots of features, so get take a look around!

One Call… That’s All!

Have you ever wondered how some couponers get REALLY great coupons for products?  Well – I’m here to tell you one way to score amazingly high-value coupons, or even coupons for FREE products just by CONTACTING THE COMPANY.

In fact, just calling a company to say “I LIKE your product – it’s awesome!  Can you send me any coupons for it?” will often get you a surprise in your mailbox.  Here’s how to go about it:

See? Easy as pie! Writing/emailing companies is also a great way to get coupons sent to you -for a long list of companies worth contacting, and their responses, check out the “4-A-Day Campaign”: a series of posts HERE on CouponingtoDisney!

Cool Savings Tutorial!!

If you dig a little you just might find an extra set of printable coupons.  Here’s how to print an extra set of Smart Source Coupons.
Cool Savings -  Tutorial
You may have seen CoolSavings advertised before online, but were afraid it might be one of those “quick survey’s” that result in a gift card at the end.  I admit, I fell for it, then quit after an hour of questions and no gift card.  COOL SAVINGS IS NOT A SURVEY SITE!!  Once you get past the inital log in, and decline the offers you’ll find a treasure – SMART SOURCE PRINTABLES!!
Click HERE to log in.
(Right click the HERE above to open link in a new window to keep tutorial open.)
Enter Zip Code and Email Address
Same registration as other coupon sites.
You do have to click through a couple of advertisements, just click SKIP!
Last One – Click NO!
Don’t even waste your time reading this stuff.  Just No!

K-Mart Catalina Problems

I wrote a few days ago about an unadvertised Post cereal freebie at Kmart this week, and a Glade Candle moneymaker going on as well.  Well, it looks like many of you have had alot of trouble finding the 2 oz Fragrance Collection candles which are supposedly $2.50, much less getting your catalina to print out.  (ARRGHH!)  The Post Cereal is trouble too, but just because many Kmart’s don’t carry that new Health Advantage kind on the coupon yet. (Booo)

So I just wanted to warn you guys not to make a special trip to Kmart just for these items, but to just keep an eye out for them if you happen to be there.  This deal has been confirmed on other sites, but I’m sorry for the problems it’s been causing with our readers! 


On that note… I’d like to remind everyone about this incredibly useful phone number:

Tutorial ~ A Full Cup

This is a step by step tutorial to help guide you through the process of using a coupon database to search for specific coupons on A Full Cup
  Jaime posted some of the basics earlier in the week HERE in case you missed it.  The cat is out of the bag this resource is one of our “secret weapons” for getting insider info. 
1.  Click HERE for link to A Full Cup.  If you haven’t already registered click the circled Join Now, if you are already registered then go to the top right corner to log in.
2.  After you have either registered or logged in move your curser to coupons on the navigation bar as you see above.  Scroll down to the first option, coupon database and click. 

3.  If you are looking for a specific coupon, type the product in the circled box labeled description.  For example, I am searching for a coupon for coca-cola.  I tried coke first and only three coupons were available, so keep in mind the product name when you search. 
Database provides specific details such as:
1. Description of coupon
2. Value of coupon
3. Expiration date
4. Type of Coupon (printable, newspaper insert, etc…)
5.  Category product falls under

After clicking “printable” I was directed to to print the coupon.  The coupon link at is powered by the most popular online printable site.  On the CVS website, the coupons are geared more toward CVS products and are different than the coupons offered on the typical  The same rules apply ~ typically two prints per computer.

This is a scanned in copy of the printed coupon.
We are often asked if there are ever coupons for produce.  Here under product description you can type in either “produce” or “fresh fruit.”  Personally, I prefer to select all available coupons.  If you wanted to specify printable, blinkie, newspaper insert, etc.. you would indicate that here. 
In this example the product description was left blank intentionally.  Instead, I have selected coupon type “tearpad” to find out what tearpads are available that I may be interested in.  Tearpads can be a gem of a coupon, however they are regional and seemingly few and far between.  It may surprise you so see the number of tearpads available.  Why?  They were not released in our region, ran out before you could get any, were available in a store you don’t shop at, or the tearpad bandits may have swiped the entire tearpad.  Don’t fret, you can keep an eye out since you know what tearpads are available or you can search for specific tearpads ebay.  For details on how to search ebay click HERE.
Hope this helps you.  There are so many incredible resources available on, however it takes time to learn how.  This is the first segment of A Full Cup Tutorials.  Let us know if this has been helpful!