Video: 3 Steps to Save with Meat Mardowns!

We get lots of questions on how to save money on meat. While we usually just have to wait for a nice sale – there are a few more ways to save on meat.  In this short video, join us as we hit the Meat Markdown jackpot – and go over a few tips to save even more!

      1. Stores start marking down meat as it nears it’s expiration date, in order to sell it quickly.  Scan the meat cases for “$$$ Off” stickers to find these deals.  If you can find “$$$ Off” stickers on an already low sale price – even better!
      2. Since a meat markdown sticker is a discount from the store, you can still stack a manufacturer coupon with it for even more savings.
      3. Even though it may be on or near the expiration date – if you’ve found a great deal you should still stock up. Buy it and either cook or freeze it right away.  If buying raw meat – cook it and season it, the portion into freezer bags for easy taco nights, pasta nights, etc….  Lunchmeats will freeze pretty well in a freezer bag for later use.


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How to Get the BEST Deal on Toilet Paper

The following is a guest post by our new friend Stephanie Brandt

Steph is a wife, mom, full-time teacher, AND a blogger of deals, coupons, and all things frugal at Debt Free Spending

Before we get started at looking at the best way to get the best deal on toilet paper, we need to start out by asking a question. “What can I live with, and what can I live without?” My hubby hates the commercial where two bears are always showing their bums, and I have to laugh, because I think most people DO have a preference when it comes to toilet paper. Therefore, you have to make a decision about your preferred texture for toilet paper.

If you have an anything-goes attitude, you will probably get the best deal! For those who are brand specific buyers, then we need to look at maximizing the deal price on your specific brand. Another factor to consider is what can your toilet handle? If you have a clog every week, then you may want to consider switching to a less fluffy brand. Because costs, texture, and sizes of rolls vary, we are going to look at how to determine a “deal” for toilet paper.

Determine the price for square footage. The amount of square footage in a pack is located at the front bottom corner or most packages. (As shown in the photos below).

  1. The first package had 16 rolls and 334 sq. feet.
  2. The second package had 12 rolls and 284.6 square feet

Now, to figure out if you getting a good deal! Move the decimal point two places to the left. If I pay around $3.34 on the first package, that’s a good deal! If I pay $2.84 for the second package, that’s a good deal!

My “best price” for toilet paper is $0.01 per square foot, and this is just an easier way to figure out the price for $0.01 per square foot! Remember to use coupons in combination with store sale prices to get as close to this price as possible. If you can get close to these prices with deals and coupons, you are getting a GOOD deal!

Girls in White Dresses (blogger) actually did a square footage comparison in the store you may find helpful also! She researched seven different brands and found the following square footage prices:

Final Costs per square foot, cheapest to most expensive:

  1. Scott .006
  2. White Cloud .012
  3. Angel Soft .013
  4. Cottonelle with Aloe and A&E .019
  5. Charmin Ultra Strong and Northern Ultra Plus (tie) .024
  6. Charmin Ultra Soft .026
  7. Cottonelle Ultra .028

HOWEVER, remember that NOT all papers are created equal, AND some of these are one-ply versus two-ply!

Here is a handy list of square footage for various TP rolls taken from AFullCup:

  • Angel Soft 4 reg rolls 2 ply 66.6 sq. ft
  • Angel Soft 12 ct double roll 400 sq. ft
  • Angel Soft- 24 rolls (2 ply) 400 sq ft
  • Angel Soft, 36 double rolls contained 1200 sq. ft
  • Charmin Ultra (red pkg)- 9 rolls 140.9 sq ft
  • Charmin Basic- 4 double rolls 146.1 sq ft
  • Charmin Basic- 16 double rolls 584.5 sq ft
  • Charmin Ultra Soft, 18 double rolls, contained 375 sq. feet
  • Charmin Ultra Strong, 24 double rolls, contained 501 sq. feet
  • Cottonelle Ultra, 12 double rolls, contained 246 sq. ft
  • Cottonelle- 12 big rolls 279.6 sq ft
  • Cottonelle Aloe A&E, 12 double rolls, contained 363 sq. ft
  • Kirkland (costco) 36 rolls 1911.6 sq feet
  • Northern Ultra Plush, 24 double rolls contained 533 sq. ft
  • Quilted Northern- 12 double rolls 396 sq ft
  • Scott 12 rolls 1 ply 1000 sheets per roll: 1257 sq. ft
  • Scott- Extra Soft, 12 big rolls 363.3 sq ft
  • Scott 24 rolls contained 2515 sq. ft
  • Ultra Plush, 24 double rolls contained 533 sq. ft
  • White Cloud 24 double rolls contained 862 sq. ft
  • Willow 12 double rolls 2 ply: 400 sq. feet

SmartPhone Coupon Apps (Share your faves!)

Posted by DealDetectiveKim:
I have a confession to make–I went crazy off the budget while I was on vacation.  Honestly, a cruise might have been cheaper than leaving me free to shop for a whole week, with holiday sales out there in my face!
By far, the biggest splurge was my new phone.  My contract was up, I was looking to upgrade, and… well, I got a smart phone.  To be specific, an iPhone.  It was like a new relationship–I wanted to spend all my time with it, learning all about it, gushing over how wonderful it is.  You’ve been there, right?  And when you have a new relationship, you want to tell everyone all about your new love!  So, dear readers, I am going to share with you some convenient apps for smart phones that can make your coupon life easier.  (If you have something other than an iPhone, please share your faves in the comments!)
  1. Go to the app store for your particular phone and search for similar apps.  If you have trouble finding what you’re looking for, do what I did: I couldn’t figure out how to do something I needed to do and I put it out there on Facebook.  In under an hour, I had exact directions on how to do what I’d spent a week trying to figure out!
  2. Both Groupon and Living Social, two deal sites we talk a lot about here on Time 2 $ave, have smart phone apps.  I installed both of those.  It transferred all my info to the phone, so now when I want to use a deal I purchased, I just pull it up on the phone and show it to the merchant.  No printer required, no finding that elusive printout–couldn’t be simpler!  I can also check quickly for the daily deal and buy it, using my stored info.  Both of these apps are free.
  3. I also saved Swagbucks to my screen so that I can remember to do more regular searches and earn more Swagbucks.  If you use Cellfire (Kroger shoppers, take note!) they also have a free app.

  4. Key ring is a cool app.  It does take a few minutes or so to set up.  Once you install it, you use the phone’s camera to scan the barcodes of all your store loyalty cards, naming them as you go.  Then you can take them off your keyring, store them at home in a safe location, and bring them up on screen with a couple of clicks to be scanned from the phone by the store clerk!  This is also a free app.
  5. I like the notes app that came already installed on the phone.  You can use it for shopping lists, best price lists, deal matchups, etc.  I used mine the other day to make a list of what all I got in my drugstores run, how much I paid total, and how much I had in RRs left over.

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SavingStar: Get $5 Payouts when you use these Digital Coupons!

It’s high time we talked in-depth about SavingStar Digital Coupons - they’re pretty new on the scene, so let’s start at the begining.  ANY store that uses a store loyalty card – will accept SavingStar Coupons.  That includes CVS, Rite-Aid, Kroger, Bi-Lo, Food Lion, Ingles, & more

I am adding my CVS card RIGHT NOW so that I can learn the ropes with you – so here we go!

Loading SavingStar E-Coupons:

  1. View all the available SavingStar Digital CouponsHERE
  2. Pick the ones you want and click “I Want This”
  3. They’re asking me to register my CVS card (Doing it…..)  DONE!

That’s it folks – I registered one of my store loyalty cards, put a GUM Flossers coupon on it (FREE at Walgreens this week!) – and I’m ready to shop.  Now, what happens at the store?

Using your E-Coupons:

  • Scan your store card at checkout to activate your Saving Star E-Coupons
  • SavingStar coupon will not come off at checkout – instead, they accumulate until you hit the $5 mark
  • Once at $5, you pick how you want your money:
    - $5 Deposited to your bank
    - $5 Paypal Deposit
    - $5 Amazon Gift card

A few other points:

  • Manufacturer Coupons are not intended to be used with SavingStar eCoupons.  HOWEVER – Using in-store coupons in combination with SavingStar eCoupons is not a problem. Using coupons from other services in combination with a SavingStar “One or Many” deal is not a problem. (quoted from the Savingstar FAQ Page)

    In other words, it IS FINE to use coupons for SC Johnson Products alongside a $5 off $20 SC Johnson SavingStar eCoupon

  • You can keep tabs on how much $$ you’re earning on the SavingStar website.
  • It usually takes just a couple days for your E-Coupon to register and show up on the site, but it can take up to 30 days in some cases.
  • I probably won’t be able to stay on top of this as well as I’d like – so I plan to just leave all those savings alone for awhile – and then check it when Christmas gets close.  I bet that’ll be a nice little nest egg to help with holiday shopping!


*Exciting News* Couponing Slideshow Tutorials!

We’re happy to announce that we’ve added some new Couponing Tutorials, in a slideshow format, to the Time2Save website!  Stay tuned as we will be adding more over the coming weeks.

You can check out the first *4* tutorials below:

1)   Getting Started

  • 2)   DON’T Pay Full Price – Get Rid of Your List!
  • 3)   The Life Cycle of a Coupon

    4)   Internet Printables

    Keep in mind that these tutorials are intended to EDUCATE you about the parts of a coupon, how to use them, how to obtain them, and how to change the way you shop.  Learning is a process – but the time you invest will pay off HUGE!