Join the National Consumer Panel to win $500 American Express Giftcards!

What could you do with a $500 American Express Giftcard?  Join the Nielsen National Consumer Panel and you’ll be entered to win one of the (25) $100 American Express Giftcards each month, and the (40) $500 American Express Giftcards each quarter!

To be entered in these drawings, as well as rack up points to trade in for nice prizes (kitchenware, electronics, etc….) – just sign up for the Nielsen Consumer Panel Scanner Program.  You’ll be sent a handheld scanner to scan your weekly grocery purchases, and that information will be transmitted to Nielsen’s research team.



While the program may not be for everyone – this may be perfect for you, especially if you have children that would like to help you scan your items as you put them away.  We’ve had both positive and negative reader reviews about Nielsen – but just by trying it out you’ll be entered in the monthly and quarterly drawings!

One time-saving idea I hadn’t thought about before is to just take your scanner along with you when you shop – scanning things as you load them into your basket.  I actually saw this idea HERE while just doing a google search of the scanner – she has a picture of herself shopping like this and says she’s done it for years!

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Sign up with Ebates NOW…. before Holiday shopping!!

Even though Christmas is still a couple of months away, we’re already starting to see some awesome online bargains being launched. This will certainly continue as we get closer and closer to the holidays.

In order to maximize your online savings, take just a second to sign up for Ebates now — before the mad rush of the shopping frenzy begins. Ebates pays you cash back just for shopping through their website. You literally log onto ebates, then search for the retailer that you are ordering from. A “Shop Now” link will take you directly to that retailers site.

Ebates will track your purchase and reward you with cash back based on the amount you spend. Every 3 months, Ebates will mail you a check (or deposit it into your PayPal account) for the amount you’ve earned.
The cash back percentage amounts vary from retailer to retailer, but keep your eyes open for some really good opportunities. They usually feature one retailer per day with “Double Cash Back”. And when the holidays get closer, you’ll be amazed at all the cash back offers.  (Keep up with all our Christ deals by following the Christmas Planning series HERE)
As an added bonus, when you register with Ebates, you’ll receive $5 credited to your account — just to get you started!

So sign up today and start earning some cash!!   In January you’ll be excited to receive a check in the mail…

Register for free HERE