Time 2 Give: Reader, Joy, donates 10 Shampoos to Homeless Shelter

We all know that coupons can help us save money on things our own families need – but if you’ve ever stocked up on a great deal, you’ll realize that when you have enough (and often more than enough) of something, it makes it easy to give it away!  Giving, in fact, is a large part of why we continue to coupon through good weeks and bad.  Having that opportunity to go from a place of need to a position of helping others is a real blessing.

Whether you take extra school supplies to school, bring boxes of non-perishables to the church food pantry, or drop off toiletries to the women’s shelter – we want to support you and tell your story here!  To encourage all you “extreme givers” out there – we’re starting a new segment featuring stories of couponers who make a practice of giving, rather than hoarding, their surplus supplies.

This week, for instance, reader Joy commented that she had been to CVS to get (10) Herbal Essence shampoos and a box of Puff’s for around $5 at CVS.  She was even able to mail in her receipt for the $5 P&G Rebate we metioned here.  I actually emailed her to ask if she would send me a picture of her great haul, and this was her apologetic response:

So sorry! I already donated it to a local homeless mission.


That stopped me in my tracks this rainy Thursday afternoon.  Joy – if you’re still reading – we just want to say how AWESOME you are!  It’s a great reminder that I have too much shampoo sitting around my house as well :)

We’d love to feature a story of giving through couponing in your life – if you’d be willing to share, please email us at time2saveworkshops (at) gmail (dot) com!

CVS: FREE Hair Accessories Set!

I stopped by CVS tonight to pick up my FREE Hershey’s Chocolate and FREE Makeup Wipes, and I got a coupon from the scanner for $1/1 Hair Accessories.  I roamed around a bit and everything was around $4 – until I got to the Dollar Aisle.  Check out what I found – this little girls’ hair accessories set full of 100 ponytailers/barettes/whatnots for $1.  The scanner coupon made it totally FREE!

While I have 4 boys, this is something cute I can put aside for the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes or as part of an Angel Tree gift this coming Christmas.  Couponing is so great when it gives you things you can give to others – what a fun bonus!

Have you been able to pick up something to donate recently?  What was it?

#ChildHunger: Schools Out for the Summer but Child Hunger Isn’t

hunger free   School is out, and it’s officially S U M M E R T I M E!  Many of us are planning vacation getaways with our families and other fun family activities.   It’s so easy to get busy and forget about needs around us, especially since daily school routine has been interrupted with promises of summertime fun.  In reality, during the summer months free and discounted school lunches are gone. Therefore, the number of children are food insecure is even greater.

This summer, approximately 18 million children will face a greater risk of hunger while they’re out of school. During the school year, almost 21 million children depend on free or reduced-price school meals to help keep them from going hungry. But only 2.3 million children are enrolled in similar summer meal programs.1

(from http://www.hungerfreesummertour.org/)


The past couple of months, I have posted several times about the ConAgra Foods Child Hunger Ends Here campaign as one of their blogger ambassadors. I’ve include links below to a couple of my favorite posts!  Remember, all you have to do is enter the codes on the back of participating ConAgra products online and ConAgra will donate a meal.

Child Hunger Ends Here- 3 Ways to Include Your Kids in Giving

ConAgra- Child Hunger Ends Here! We can all help by entering

ConAgra Child Hunger Ends Here- Enter Codes to Donate Meals!


All you have to do is enter the codes on the back of participating ConAgra products online and ConAgra will donate a meal. If you have codes that you haven’t entered yet you’ve still got time!  Codes will be accepted up to a maximum of 3 million meal donations or until 8/31/2012


You can make a difference by purchasing participating ConAgra products at your local grocery store. Look for the push pin logo, and enter the code online at Child Hunger Ends Here. For every code entered, ConAgra will donate the equivalent of one meal. You can also follow the discussion at www.facebook.com/ConAgraFoods, or tweet along by following www.twitter.com/ConAgraFoods and using #ChildHunger.

I am a blogger correspondent for ConAgra’s Child Hunger Ends Here campaign. Opinions and experiences shared here are my own.   1 U.S. Department of Agriculture/FNS

Dollar General: $.60 Suave Bodywash!

Remember that awesome $.75/1 Suave Bodywash coupon available to print?  Well here’s yet another deal to use it on!

Dollar General has Suave Body Wash for just $1.85 each.
Use the $.75/1 Coupon HERE
Stack with the $1/2 DG Store Coupon HERE
(makes it $.60 ea!)

This is a great donation item – so if you can afford to pick up an extra to donate – keep that in mind!

- Thanks, FrugalFabulousFinds!


Child Hunger Ends Here: 3 Ways to Include Your Kids in Giving


Last week, The Cleveland Daily Banner featured an article about our involvement as a blog ambassador with ConAgra Foods and the Child Hunger Ends Here Campaign.  Ya’ll know we are passionate about giving to others, especially since couponing affords us the opportunity to “Save Big so we can Give Bigger.”

I always knew there were needs in my community, however since I have been involved in the Child Hunger Ends Here campaign my eyes have been opened.  Nationwide, 1 in 5 children are food insecure meaning they don’t know where their next meal is coming from.  In my county, the need is even greater 1 in 3 children.

Wow.  1 in 3 children where I live don’t know where their next meal is coming from?

I can’t imagine, my son wants a snack between snacks……….



Not only do I think it’s important to include my kids each time we pick out an item to donate, I think it’s important that they know someone sitting right next to them may not know where their next meal is coming from.

I want them to learn empathy, and the importance of looking beyond themselves to see the needs of others.  If I don’t teach them, their view will be based on what they see with their eyes.   To them, hunger and needy will be those on the side of the interstate holding a sign.  It will be the homeless, laying down on a park bench.

Reality.  1 in 3 children where my children play, go to church, participate in sports, etc. are hungry.  It’s up to me to teach them, it’s up to me to show them what compassion for others looks like, it’s up to me to show them we can help, we can make a difference.



How?  It starts with awareness.  I challenge you, to talk to your kids about child hunger.  Don’t know where to start?  Find out what the stats are in your community.  Educate yourself.

Did you know……..

Children who struggle with hunger face additional problems, such as:

  • Slower growth and inhibited brain development
  • More illnesses, including stomachaches, headaches, colds, ear infections and fatigue
  • Greater susceptibility to obesity and its harmful health consequences
  • Lower concentration and alertness in school
  • Lower academic achievement

Stats – from Consequenses of Child Hunger



Here’s how to find the child hunger stats in your county:

  1. Click here, then look for the image above – click “See how many children are affected in your county.”
  2. Click your state to see the overall stats.  I live in TN – 17.6% of children are food insecure.  Right around the corner in GA 19.9% are food insecure.
  3. Hover your mouse over the county you live in, talk to your kids about this number.

Now, go one step further.  Do something.
Feed a hungry child, with your children.

It’s as simple as entering a code from a participating ConAgra product online.  (go here for a list of participating products)  Look for the push pin like in the image above for the code.  ConAgra will donate a meal, for every code entered up to the equivilant of 5 million meals.   Depending on how old your children are, walk them through the process from picking up the ConAgra products at the grocery store that qualify to actually entering the code online once you get home.  If they own the experience, it will make a greater impact on their hearts.
After your kids enter the code, they’ll get to download a copy of the song, Here’s Hope written for the campaign by their choice of artist, either Jewel, Owl City or Jay Sean.

Not only will our kids feel like they got special time with mommy (depending on their age) but together you took the time to make a difference in someone else’s world.  It’s what giving is all about, looking beyond our desires to invest in someone else’s life.
But.  Don’t let it end there.
Each time you go to the grocery store, include your kids.  Let them pick out the donation item.  Every week there are items at the grocery store that are free or super cheap.  There’s no reason, not to pick up an item or two.  Your kids will love it, you will be doing something every time you shop that WILL make a difference.
We make it easy for you.  Every week we post a Time 2 Give list, that includes all of the items in our grocery and drug store matchups that are $1 and under.  Look for your store, then ask your kids to help pick out the donation item.  Depending on their age, if it’s a printable coupon let them cut it out.  If the coupon is in your binder, ask your kids to grab it.  Give them an envelope and put them in charge.  Once you get to the grocery store, allow them to pick the item off the shelf and hand over the coupon to the cashier.
It will take a little extra effort on your part, but the lessons your children will be learning are invaluable.  After all, couponing it’s just about getting a deal, it’s about making a dfference!

You can make a difference by purchasing participating ConAgra products at your local grocery store. Look for the push pin logo, and enter the code online at Child Hunger Ends Here. For every code entered, ConAgra will donate the equivalent of one meal. Codes will be accepted up to a maximum of 3 million meal donations or until 8/31/2012. If you missed our previous post about Child Hunger Ends Here click the following links here and here.

You can also follow the discussion at www.facebook.com/ConAgraFoods, or tweet along by following www.twitter.com/ConAgraFoods and using #ChildHunger.


I am a blogger correspondent for ConAgra’s Child Hunger Ends Here campaign. Opinions and experiences shared here are my own.


#Giveaway: Signed copy of Amy Giggles by Coy Bowles from The Zac Brown Band! #childhunger




A couple of weeks ago, we posted about working as a blogger ambassador with ConAgra Foods and the Child Hunger Ends Here Campaign.  Ya’ll know we are all about giving….we are thrilled to have the opportunity to spread the word about a cause that is so near and dear to our hearts.


When Jamie and I were at Blissdom (a blogger’s conference) in Nashville back in February we received a copy of the children’s book “Amy Giggles” by Coy Bowles of the Zac Brown Band on behalf of ConAgra Foods and the Child Hunger Ends Here campaign.



I loved Amy Giggles, a very real story about a little girl who was determined to change her BIG LOUD laugh after kids made fun of her.  She did everything she could to conceal her laugh, yet after a while try as she might her laugh just couldn’t be contained.  Before she knew it all the effort in the world was in vain, and her Big Ole laugh came barreling out along with a change of heart.  No matter what she wouldn’t hold back anymore.  It didn’t matter if people made fun of her.  I love the last line of the book , “I like my laugh, and I’ll never hold it in again.”

How many of us can relate?  I know I do, I was the 6ft tall girl that people called Big Bird.  I hated being tall, I was so self conscious about my height that I started slouching.  As a result I’ve got terrible posture now.  Don’t get me wrong I am 100% okay with being tall now, however it took years for me to be able to accept and be comfortable in my own skin.




So what’s the deal?  How did a country music star end up writing a children’s book?  I recently had the opportunity to chat with Coy over the phone and ask him personally about his book and his involvement with the ConAgra Child Hunger Ends Here campaign.  It was really neat to hear his heart, and his passion for helping children.


Where in the world did he come up with the character, Amy Giggles?

Coy met the real life inspiration behind Amy Giggles while having dinner with a group of friends.  After he had listened to a lady huff and puff obviously trying to conceal her laugh someone finally interjected and asked why she didn’t just laugh out loud.  Coy was shocked to hear how she had changed her laugh after being made fun of as a child.  It’s crazy to think how much other people influence who we become.  Our laughter is something that is inherently who we are.  Yet, as a result of hearing a couple of kids make fun of her laugh this lady was holding back years later even as an adult.  Although it took much longer to complete the book, Coy actually wrote the story of Amy Giggles in 15 minutes. 


Why is Coy involved with the ConAgra Child Hunger Ends Here campaign?

Coy told me it was hard for him to believe that so many children could be hungry here in the USA. Although he doesn’t have any children himself, he is passionate about instilling confidence and encouraging children to achieve their dreams.  Without food, children have no hope.  When children have to worry where their next meal will come from it crushes their hope and affects their drive and zeal for life.  Coy believes that we can make a difference, that’s why he has joined ConAgra in helping spread the word about Child Hunger Ends Here. 

*A portion of the proceeds of sale of Amy Giggles will be donated to Camp Southern Ground, Inc., a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.


Amy Giggles

It’s such a cute book, and I appreciate the fact that it tackles real issues that I can talk to my kids about. And…….we’ve got 5 signed copies of Amy Giggles to give away!!  Follow the instructions below, and enter to win.
[Read more...]

ConAgra: Child Hunger Ends Here! We can all help by entering codes from participating products. #childhunger



Jamie and I recently attended Blissdom, a blogging conference in Nashville.  While there we made a great connection with ConAgra Foods.  ConAgra felt that our message of balanced couponing and becoming a purposeful giver resonated with so many people.  After all, successful couponing doesn’t have to come at the expense of our lives.  The goal is to bring financial relief to our family’s finances.  Then, out of our new found abundance, we have the privilege to give into the lives of others!

When we got home, ConAgra invited me to be a Blogger Ambassador for their Child Hunger Ends Here Campaign!  (SO excited!!  Can’t even tell you what a surprise)  I boarded a plan the next week for a trip to Los Angeles for the kickoff of the Child Hunger Ends Here Campaign.  It was an amazing experience, I’m proud to be a part of this program.  When a brand steps up, like ConAgra to use it’s influence to maker a difference (to the tune of providing the equivalent of 3 million meals to hungry children) I for one take notice.

In case you missed our first post about Child Hunger Ends Here jump over here – we’ve provided links to videos with more information.


Love these girls!!!   Piera (Jolly Mommy), me (Time 2 $ave), Linsey (Lille Punkin’ Reviews) & Rachel (A Southern Fairytale) at the LA Food Regional Food Bank.


To kick off the campaign we toured the facilities at the LA Regional Food bank.  We had the incredible opportunity to meet and interview singer/songwriter Jewel.

My favorite event of the day was helping stuff backpacks full of food.  These backpacks are given to school aged children who otherwise may not eat over the weekend.  It’s hard to imagine…many children would go hungry on the weekends if they weren’t provided backpacks.


Here’s the girls and I stuffing backpacks.  Every tub had two backpacks that we stuffed so full they would hardly zip.  These girls were so much fun to hang out with, I was so sad our time together didn’t last longer.


Jewel was a trooper – she jumped in and helped us after her interviews.

If you haven’t heard her personal story you’ll be shocked to hear she was once homeless.  You can hear her story here.  Jewel grew up poor, and has faced the same food insecurities that 1 in 5 American children face today.



What can you do?  Buy a participating brand product and enter your code online.  ConAgra will donate a meal each time a code is entered!


Once you enter your code, you’ll get to download the song “Here’s Hope” each time you enter a code from a participating ConAgra product. To hear the “Here’s Hope” song and to learn more about how to become involved in the Child Hunger Ends Here campaign, you can visit their website.


Here’s Hope” performed by Jewel, Owl City or Jay Sean – your choice! The more codes that you redeem, the more exclusive content you’ll be able to access.

Child Hunger Did You Know??

  • According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, food insecurity or the inability to access
    enough food to live active, healthy lives affects more than 16 million children in the United
  • By comparison, the number of kids who struggle with hunger every year is the same as the total populations of New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston combined.
    • Children don’t need to be starving or homeless to struggle with hunger. Many children are
      simply missing a meal or not eating on a regular basis.

Follow the discussion on facebook at www.facebook.com/ConAgraFoods, or  www.twitter.com/ConAgraFoods on twitter.  Use the hashtag #ChildHunger.

My Little Gas Station Mission

We talk a lot around Time2Save about picking up extra free/cheap items to donate to your local food pantry, women’s shelter, etc…  We think it’s one of the most rewarding things in the world to be able to share the blessings of abundance with others who are still in a place of need.  All of us have seasons of need (I know I have – many seasons!) and while couponing helped my family pull ourselves out of that place, it was also the kindness and generosity of others that helped us make it through.

I wanted to tell you guys about a new mission I’m undertaking in my own neighborhood that has got me doubly motivated to buy extra for the sole purpose of giving!

I live in a part of town where there are several low-rent motels side-by-side on the same strip.  It’s like a little run-down city of it’s own.  Lots of interesting characters call it home, including seasonal workers, families with no place else to go and a whole variety of people down on their luck.  It’s common to see an elderly couple dressed in week-old clothes, pushing a shopping cart down the street looking for bottles and cans.  Or to see a bone-skinny woman on the side of the road, stooping to search for cigarette butts in the gravel.  The gas station across from the street from the motels is one I go into often, and the Indian man who runs it, Sam, sees a lot of desperate people come through his doors daily.

A few weeks ago, Sam was telling me that if he could ever win the lottery – he would open a hospital.  He would let everyone come and be treated for free – all the people he sees so often that aren’t able to go would finally have a way.  He told me about the mothers that come in and count out their change on the countertop to buy a gallon of milk.  It set me to thinking about the fact that he deals with these people every day, on a level that I never will.   As I walked back out to my van, I opened my trunk to pull out a box of Cheerios for the kids’ morning breakfast, so I wouldn’t forget once I got home.  I looked into the trunk at a stack of 8 boxes of Cheerios that I’d picked up at Bi-Lo recently for under $1 each.  It struck me that Sam undoubtedly knew of several people who would be able to use a box of Cheerios right now.  Right here.  Meeting people in their need – exactly where they are at this moment.  People who probably couldn’t make it to the food pantry across town because they had to walk everywhere they went.

I ran back in and asked him if he would be comfortable giving away a box a week of items I brought to him, to someone he felt needed it.  He told me he’d be happy to do it and I drove straight home to start cleaning out my stockpile.

So here’s what I’m doing now – here in my own neighborhood, where there are people who need help just beyond my subdivision.  However they got to this place, wherever they might be going from here – this is something I can do for them with little effort to show them a tiny bit of God’s love.

Sam spoke with my husband last night – he gave my first box away to a man who came into the gas station this week.  I know it’s only one drop in the bucket, but I just couldn’t be happier!

We would be honored if you would share a story with us about one way in which you have been able to give through couponing.  Please email your story to time2saveworkshops@gmail.com – or share in the comment section below.