New Target Coupon Feature | See if it’s a Target or Manufacturer Coupon


I was getting ready for my Target trip last night when I noticed this great new Target Coupon Feature – now if you hover over the top portion of the coupon it will say if it’s a Target coupon.  If it doesn’t say Target Coupon, that just means it’s a Manufacturer Coupon.  It will also tell you the expiration date!

I think that’s super helpful for planning out shopping trips and printing coupons to stack.

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Does Target Price Match with Coupons? | Yes and No….



If you’re wondering Does Target Price Match with Coupons…  the answer is Yes and No.  

  • YES you can price match at Target with various local and online retailers.
  • YES you are allowed to use a manufacturer coupon after the price match, to get an even better deal.
  • And YES you are technically allowed to use a Target coupon as well.

 It just won’t make any difference if you use a Target coupon or not.  Why?

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