Please Be Careful Out There!

Hi!  Jamie here – and I just wanted to tell everyone who is planning to travel today to be So-So-So careful!!  I set out last night from Glasgow, Ky – heading back to Cleveland, Tn and ran into some major problems.

We never even made it to my dad’s for Christmas due to his treacherous country roads – but had to stop at the mall for a “Food Court Christmas” – which was less than ideal.  After that – it was 30 miles an hour driving down I-65 South towards Nashville.  Cars were off the road everywhere!!!  My 4 kids in the backseat were just as on edge as I was – since we could barely see the lines on the road in front of us.

We stopped for gas and discovered that 3 more miles up the road there were 4 tractor trailers on their sides and a 4-mile parking lot of cars behind them.  We decided to give up and stay at a Holiday Inn Express for the night :)

I want to give a HUGE shout-out to Kansas, who not only entered a coupon code for us to make our stay just $69 – instead of $105 – but ALSO put us up in the LARGEST ROOM in the hotel – just because she knew we needed the space!!  Here we are at breakfast this morning – making the best of a bad situation by filling our bellies with cinnamon rolls and biscuits & gravy.  We’re about to head out again – so please keep us in your prayers today, as well as all the other travellers worriedly hazarding the roadways today!

My New Favorite Diet Tip


In case you couldn’t see it – yes that does say:

“Nibble on a cookie about an hour before lunch.”

So you know – when losing weight for the holidays has got you stressed – just follow your instincts and grab an extra Christmas cookie!   This diet tip was brought to you by fantabulous 70′s advertising.

**Happy Birthday Kasey!!**

Roses are red,
Violets are Blue,
Don’t eat that cake after everybody blows germs on it!  That’s gross!

No seriously, happy birthday Kasey- We Love ya!  Hope you take some time off, put your feet up, and eat a regrettable amount of chocolate.  And don’t even pick up a coupon today.  I mean it.  Not even to go down the street to Food Lion for those Marshmallow Pebbles.  I’m serious now…..  :)

Keep your eyes peeled for an EXCITING change!!!

Okay – there is going to be a change here on Time2Save – and I’m not going to tell you what the change is, or where you’ll find it.  You just need to keep your eyes peeled this evening for something “DIFFERENT” that you’ll notice…  it could pop up at any time!


Well – whoever can point out the different element first will win a MYSTERY ENVELOPE stuffed with coupons!

Let the Scavenger Hunt Begin!

McCormick Get-Rich-Quick Catalina (Just a typo!)

Well, a kind reader sent me an email today asking about a catalina from the National Catalina Preview List I posted yesterday.  Apparently if you buy 2 McCormick Spices, you earn $41.50.  Unfortunately, that’s a big fat typo!  It should actually be $1.50.  Too bad……would’ve been some very profitable spices!!

Purchase (2) McCormick, ~ Receive 41.50 OYNO *** Is this a typo? ***

Reddi Bacon? GENIUS!

I found this when I was looking for a picture of a toaster this morning.  I just had to share with you guys.
If this were still around, I would buy it WITHOUT a coupon!

I mean, WOW.

We’re on the road!

Just wanted to let you all know that we’re all roadtripping to the Proverbs31 SheSpeaks Conference right now!  We’ll be spending the weekend Concord, NC – soaking up some wisdom and learning from some wonderful, Godly women.  Things will be a little bit slow around here for a few days, as we’ll be in classes until the evenings – but we’ll still have all the important stuff ready for you as usual.

If Kasey doesn’t get us lost (we already took one, um, detour) – then we’ll try to make time for some roadtripping pictures along the way!

Home from the Park!

Hey guys!  We’re all home from the park, and I’m working on the Food Lion matchups right now.  They’ll be up soon – but while you’re waiting, get outside and play!  It’s such a gorgeous day here – and we all had a great time getting out for some sunshine and exercise.  I think I even got some sunburn!

Hope you’re having a beautiful and blessed day too!