Keep your eyes peeled for an EXCITING change!!!

Okay – there is going to be a change here on Time2Save – and I’m not going to tell you what the change is, or where you’ll find it.  You just need to keep your eyes peeled this evening for something “DIFFERENT” that you’ll notice…  it could pop up at any time!


Well – whoever can point out the different element first will win a MYSTERY ENVELOPE stuffed with coupons!

Let the Scavenger Hunt Begin!

We’re on the road!

Just wanted to let you all know that we’re all roadtripping to the Proverbs31 SheSpeaks Conference right now!  We’ll be spending the weekend Concord, NC – soaking up some wisdom and learning from some wonderful, Godly women.  Things will be a little bit slow around here for a few days, as we’ll be in classes until the evenings – but we’ll still have all the important stuff ready for you as usual.

If Kasey doesn’t get us lost (we already took one, um, detour) – then we’ll try to make time for some roadtripping pictures along the way!