Grillin’ Season Tearpads: Coupons for meat, charcoal and more!

With Memorial Day fast approaching – grilling is on everyone’s mind, and that means grilling-related TEARPADS abound!

It’s one of easiest times of the year to find coupons & rebates for MEAT – you can find these on charcoal, barbecue sauce and other “grilling” condiments – but most of them will be found in the Beer Aisle.

I counted no less that 13 Tearpads as I walked down the beer aisle at Bi-Lo this week, including coupons & rebates for fresh meat, tortilla chips, K.C. Masterpiece, frozen pizzas, deli meat and more!  Many of these were rebates – for instance $10 Rebate wyb $10 of fresh meat + Budweiser.

*Another weird place to check is by the watermelon.  It seems like we always see a few watermelon tearpads between Memorial Day & 4th of July…..

Check out our article HERE about the benefits of browsing the Beer Aisle – and if your state doesn’t require it, you can get many of these rebates/discounts WITHOUT buying the beer!

Let us know what you’ve been finding!

If you have a minute – make sure you also hop over and see this INSANE grilling delicacy…..

“Te-Pee Burgers”…. WOW.

From the Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook, 1959.

Yes dear readers, those are THREE burger patties stacked on top of one another with a little olive on top.  It’s sort of like the martini of burgers.  But what I want to know is – how on earth do you eat it????  And why?

Thanks to FroggyBoggler’s Flickr Photostream – from whence this amazing picture came!

Okay – back to the grilling coupons….

My Coupon Haiku: A Poem of Epic-Failure Porportion

In honor of my pathetic Walgreens trip today – I wrote a haiku for you guys.  A hai-kupon if you will.  I hope it inspires you with awe and introspection as you venture out into the fray this week.

sunday shopping trip
shelves bare, no captain crunch here
why just one Gillette???

shoppers bustle me
coupons flutter down slowly
like spring propellers

I re-shelve my subs
purchase paers, a loofah
epic. walgreens. fail.

I would love (Seriously LOVE!  You don’t know how much I would love this!) to see some hai-kupons from you guys!

Following the rules of a haiku, the lines are 5, 7, 5 syllables and include a word about a season.

If you want to submit one – we could have a Hai-Kupon contest!  Just email them to: time2saveworkshops (at) gmail (dot) com  Subject Line: Hai-Kupon

Let’s Indulge In A Girly Moment….

Jamie here!
This has nothing to do with absolutely anything …. but…..  I just saw this picture of a very ridiculously ruffly flower curtain. (Sigh….)
Things like this make me wish I had an extra little cottage that I could make SUPER GIRLY!!  Or maybe even a little corner of the house to fill with femininity.  Like a “Man Cave” – but a….  “Lady Lair”?

Sigh…  Living with 5 boys has it’s drawbacks occasionally….

So – with no purpose other than to indulge our Pretty-Pretty-Princess sides for a moment, go find a picture of something that makes YOU yearn for a girly spot to call your own – and stick it below so we can all sigh girly sighs over it!

Today is Donna’s birthday – and we wanted to give a big shout-out to her on her special day from all of us here on Time2Save!
Donna is one of our contributing deal-bloggers here at Time2SaveWorkshops, and she helps us keep up with all the fun online deals, freebies, and coupons out there.  Thanks for all your help, Donna – hope you are having a WONDERFUL birthday!

Please Vote for Barbie’s Ugly Couch!

Please take a second this evening to check out this monstrosity….

Do you see that gold & brown weedy patch I circled there?  Yes?  Okay – brace yourselves – that’s part of BARBIE’S COUCH. You know Barbie – the sweet gal with 7 kids who does our baby deals each week? She’s got herself one seriously grody couch, y’all.

She asked me to vote for here HERE so that she can win a new couch from Fisher Home Furnishings – and I thought I’d see if some of you would be so kind to join me in getting Barbie out of the 70′s and into something a little nicer!

Note: This is Barbie’s sister and her kids and her father posing on the couch.  She’s the one who entered Barbie in the contest – wasn’t that sweet?

It’s almost here…..

We already popped our party-poppers, banged our pots & pans, and blew our paper horns with the kids – but the big moment is still not here yet!  We still have an hour and a half left of 2010!!   Tomorrow starts dieting and other resolutions – but tonight it’s all about fun!

“San The Close” is coming to town! (The flu already did)

Just thought I’d interrupt all the shopping deals we’ve been posting for a quick reminder that apparently “San the Close” is coming soon – and me (Jamey?) and my little elf (Caden) will be waiting for him with flowers in hand!  (Cookies are so overrated….)

Do any of you have any funny Santa-related stories to share?  We could all use a pick-me-up today!  Team Time2Save has been hit hard with the flu-bug this week…..