Blogher ’11: Recap and Photos! (Bieber, 80′s Hair, Muppets) #blogher

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It’s already Monday – which means that BlogHer ’11 is all over and done with, and Team Time2Save is safe and sound and back in Tennessee right now.

I tried to get online to update you guys during Days 1 & 2 of Blogher, but the last few days were a blur of meetings and classes and parties involving dancing, french fries and chocolate (it’s a big group of crazy women, remember?)

I’ve been going through my camera and showing the kiddos pictures, and I thought I’d share them with you guys too – here are some of the highlights!

We like to start our day right – that’s why we bask in the glow of the Jimmy Dean Sunshine every morning :)  You should’ve see this guy trying to get off the elevator – we almost wet our pants laughing!

Speaking of “Sunny Days”,  this picture is especially for my little Addie, who is 4 (and happens to be freaked out by all muppets) – this ought to show him how friendly they are!  Incidentally, Elmo loves a good snuggle :)


Although talking to brands & learning about new products was great – it’ll wear you out being “on” all day.  Which is why we headed down to check out the evening party and unwind with our awesome roomie, Sarah from AThriftyMom.  That’s her, above, with her amazingly teased hair.  She wanted to help us tease ours too, but we politely declined….

The highlights of the party for me were:
a) Justin Bieber standees, which I most definitely had to pose beside for my boys, who made me sit through the movie “Never Say Never”.  Also, you see that Darth Vader is very jeaous of our friendship and wishes he could be cool like us.
b) Airing out my vintage disco dress for it’s once-per-decade event.  ($4 at the Goodwill, in case you’re wondering!)

The end of the conference meant saying goodby to lots of new blogger friends, and boarding the plane to return to the real world.  A world where sweet, sleepy kiddos sneak into your room in the middle of the night to pounce into your bed and welcome you home – and wonderful husbands have done all the laundry while you were gone.  I am blessed beyond measure!


Blogher ’11: Adventures from Day 1!

Well, Kasey & I (jamie) headed out from Cleveland, TN today with a bag of Chik-fil-A, hot coffee, and an adventurous spirit – it was like nothing could go wrong!  But then things did.  It all started at 5:45 am…..

5:45 - My husband’s alarm didn’t play the wake up song, which means I slept blissfully unaware until 6:45…

6:50 - Kasey arrived in my driveway, I pretended to not see her, because I was still getting dressed.  This worked well for a few minutes!  Then it was time to leave  - and in a flurry of kisses and haste, I rushed out the door to head towards the Nashville airport.

7:50 – Having polished off breakfast, we suddenly realized that my wallet and license are NOT in my purse.  ACK!!!!  Without time to go back home and still get to our flight in time, we just started praying that I’d be able to make it through TSA through some miracle…..

9:25 - After a hefty dose of Southern charm & the Grace of God (and a couple other random bits of i.d.we pieced together) we made it through security, thanks to a very nice TSA Supervisor.   The pat down in the little glass room that followed… not so nice.

Finally…  we boarded the plane and were seated next to Logan (see below).

Luckily for us, Logan is super tech-savvy, and spent our 4-hour flight helping us add apps to our phones and giving us all kinds of facts about the states we were flying over. He was one smart cookie!

11:30 – 6pm - Sometime in the course of the next 7 hours, I managed to eat ALL the candy I brought to last me the whole weekend, AND the airplane snacks, AND a Burger King Happy Meal.  How did this happen, and now that I’ve gained 4 pounds, what am I supposed to wear for the rest of the week?

We finally arrived in San Diego – it’s so beautiful here, and the view from our room is amazing.  I feel super-lucky to be here, I wish the kiddos were here to see this!

Later that evening our roomie arrived – the lovely Sarah of AThriftyMom – and our friend Lisa of Nickels & Dimes – showed up in our room.  We headed out on the town for dinner with the folks at Proctor & Gamble – who hosted a bowling party with lots of crazy food that Kasey refused to try.  Granted, I only tried the chicken and tortilla chips myself, but I count myself adventurous and pat myself on the back.

Kasey turns up her nose at “Fancy Food”

While there, we met up with Allie at Couponingfor4, the fab gals at FabulesslyFrugal, and lots of other bloggers who (YAWN!!!) I’m honestly too tired to remember right now (It’s 2:30 am, Tennessee time).

Sarah doesn’t have a CVS in Idaho – we had to take her there!

So we trekked back to our hotel eventually, making a quick pit stop at CVS to raid the MagicalCouponMachine one more time for some free cheese puffs, and fell into bed (Laptops in all our laps, mind you)

To be continued…..


Fun Coupon Lingo (For the truly nerdy)


Well, after a long day of posting grocery deals and getting my kids backpacks fully stocked – it’s time for a little bit of fun!  You guys probably know already that we have a “Coupon Lingo” list to help you decipher the weird language we couponers use.

But I thought – you know, there are lots more terms I used amongst my couponing friends that we just make up on the spot.  Here are some that have snuck into my own coupon dictionary (or should be there) – what are some you think should join the list?  Do you have any silly lingo to describe part of the coupon world?  We wanna hear ‘em!

Un-Official Coupon Lingo:

“Coupon Fairy” – Those sweet souls who flit around leaving extra coupons on the shelves for others!

“Catalina Diving” – When you rifle through a trash can, pile of receipts, or inspect the cart corral for abandoned catalina coupons.

“Cashier Profiling” – Trying to decide which cashier looks like they’ll give you the least amount of deep sighs and dirty looks before advancing into a line.

“Stockpile Pride” - Getting a little secret joy as you put away the last of the extra groceries on into your stockpile shelving, glance at the results of your hard work, and note approvingly that not only do you have enough to last your family a good long while, but you have enough to give away!

“Beerpads” – Tearpads in the beer aisle involving a rebate or instant savings related to beer purchase (You DON’T always need to buy the beer)

“Pealing” – Stealing a peelie from a package when you’re not buying it, leaving the sad shiny square that a coupon once called home :(

“Blinkie Bandit” – Couponer who holds a stake-out in front of a blinkie machine taking over and over and over (Shame on you!)

“A Raincheck Run” – When your well-planned grocery trip turns into an empty cart and a hand full of rainchecks – empty shelves are so often a fact of life!  But a raincheck makes it all more bearable :)

It’s almost here…..

We already popped our party-poppers, banged our pots & pans, and blew our paper horns with the kids – but the big moment is still not here yet!  We still have an hour and a half left of 2010!!   Tomorrow starts dieting and other resolutions – but tonight it’s all about fun!

“San The Close” is coming to town! (The flu already did)

Just thought I’d interrupt all the shopping deals we’ve been posting for a quick reminder that apparently “San the Close” is coming soon – and me (Jamey?) and my little elf (Caden) will be waiting for him with flowers in hand!  (Cookies are so overrated….)

Do any of you have any funny Santa-related stories to share?  We could all use a pick-me-up today!  Team Time2Save has been hit hard with the flu-bug this week…..

Please Be Careful Out There!

Hi!  Jamie here – and I just wanted to tell everyone who is planning to travel today to be So-So-So careful!!  I set out last night from Glasgow, Ky – heading back to Cleveland, Tn and ran into some major problems.

We never even made it to my dad’s for Christmas due to his treacherous country roads – but had to stop at the mall for a “Food Court Christmas” – which was less than ideal.  After that – it was 30 miles an hour driving down I-65 South towards Nashville.  Cars were off the road everywhere!!!  My 4 kids in the backseat were just as on edge as I was – since we could barely see the lines on the road in front of us.

We stopped for gas and discovered that 3 more miles up the road there were 4 tractor trailers on their sides and a 4-mile parking lot of cars behind them.  We decided to give up and stay at a Holiday Inn Express for the night :)

I want to give a HUGE shout-out to Kansas, who not only entered a coupon code for us to make our stay just $69 – instead of $105 – but ALSO put us up in the LARGEST ROOM in the hotel – just because she knew we needed the space!!  Here we are at breakfast this morning – making the best of a bad situation by filling our bellies with cinnamon rolls and biscuits & gravy.  We’re about to head out again – so please keep us in your prayers today, as well as all the other travellers worriedly hazarding the roadways today!

My New Favorite Diet Tip


In case you couldn’t see it – yes that does say:

“Nibble on a cookie about an hour before lunch.”

So you know – when losing weight for the holidays has got you stressed – just follow your instincts and grab an extra Christmas cookie!   This diet tip was brought to you by fantabulous 70′s advertising.

**Happy Birthday Kasey!!**

Roses are red,
Violets are Blue,
Don’t eat that cake after everybody blows germs on it!  That’s gross!

No seriously, happy birthday Kasey- We Love ya!  Hope you take some time off, put your feet up, and eat a regrettable amount of chocolate.  And don’t even pick up a coupon today.  I mean it.  Not even to go down the street to Food Lion for those Marshmallow Pebbles.  I’m serious now…..  :)