I am a sock genius! (Kids’ Sock-Matching Hack)

I’m an iffy housekeeper.  I try – honestly I do – and sometimes I do it well, and the kids lunches are made the night before, the rooms are all tidy, the dishes washed and the laundry done.  But lots of times the laundry is NOT done – or at least is not folded – and I blame that entirely on the fact that my laundry room is in the basement and the basement has a door I can close.  (Out of sight, out of mind)  :)


So this inevitably leads to a school morning sock free-for-all, where my four boys dig through a MASSIVE pile of similar looking socks, trying to find a pair.  I also have one sock-obsessed 6 year old who will only wear 3 of the 200 pairs we own, because “those 3 don’t get lumpy”.

After they left for school this morning in the usual whirlwind, I sat down guiltily to fold enough socks for the rest of the week.  They all look so similar, but are all different sizes/ankle heights and it took me a good long while to match up 7 or 8 pair.  I even tried to get my 4 year old to help me – by telling him we were playing a matching game (He loves those) That’s when inspiration grabbed me!

I ran to the kitchen to grab some colored sharpies. I drew shapes on the feet-part of matched pairs, so they will be easy to spot in a pile.  My 4 year old yelled out which shapes he wanted me to draw, and I just went at it.  Here are a few:

I think this will help the kids find their matches in the morning – when mom’s dropped the ball (Let’s just be honest, it’s going to happen again).  Not only that – the little ones will think it’s fun to dig out matching pair and hand them to me – like a game!

Heck, I might up the ante and throw some alphabet letters on the next batch – so we can practice our letters!

Do you have any little tips you would like to share that help you in everyday life?  I thought it might be fun to post some practical reader-tips once in awhile, so leave your comment and I might contact you to do a post like the one I just did above!

Black Friday Survival Guide: Readers Tips



We asked you for your Black Friday Survival Tips on Facebook, girls ya’ll cracked me up!  This Black Friday shopping stuff is serious business!  Growing up my family never shopped on Black Friday, I had no idea.  Wow, I was blown away at some of the traditions and memories that you’ve shared.

Ya’ll have inspired me!!  Next year I’d really like to start a new Black Friday Tradition with my daughter.  Our BF tradition might be staying home and ordering online in our jammies while we sip hot chocolate and watch Christmas movies together.  The tradition isn’t as important as the memories we’ll create.


Lori - Don’t go! LMAO

Heather – Wear a diaper

Lisa - Pack an umbrella (got drenched last year) your own shopping bags because baskets & buggy’s get gone fast, CAFFEINE!! Wear comfy clothes & shoes. Dress in layers.

Erica - I agree with the umbrella. Maybe one of those camping chairs that you can break down fast and have a shoulder strap and LOTS of layers

Elisha - If you are going to the mall, go with a partner and drop your car off Thursday evening near a door. Have your friend drive on Friday, but you have a car near an exit to drop packages in and keep shopping!

Amy – Put the most popular and important gifts at top of your list and find a place where you can get it all in one store.

Ashleigh – Here is my tip… Don’t go.. shop local and online!

Farah -  Many stores nowadays have the same sale they have in stores online the day of Thanksgiving, that’s what I will be doing! Also, Wal-Mart is actually the best place to shop on BF; sales start at midnight and they have all the big BF deals right at the front of the store, no hunting! I was in and out of Wal-Mart last year in 9 minutes, and that included checkout! :)

Kathy – Just rest up during the day, take a short nap, I strategized with others that were waiting for the same thing, they got for me and I got for them.

Yolanda - Comfortable shoes and patience

Renee - Layers, a small purse with a long strap containing only payment stuff. Bring the checkbook in case your debit card freaks out. Mine has a fraud trigger. If it gets used too often in a short time span, it locks you out.

Tonya - Order online and stay away from the malls.

Penny - I used to work in banking, my tip is call your bank/debit card customer service dept. and have them make a note on your card that you will be doing a great deal of shopping. That should prevent them from locking the card due to suspected fraud. Definitely keep your card # & the customer service # in a safe place so you can call in case you lose it during your shopping :)

Nikki - Camping chairs for waiting in line.

Staci - Stay home :)

Lindsay - Red bull, Starbucks, snacks, a seat, your ads, and a great attitude!

Jennie - Shop on line and avoid the rush.

Kristin – A sense of humor. Try not to get so upset and laugh I mean really you are up in the middle of the night. Take a friend to shop with that has similar philosophy.

Jessica - Bring the Ad with you into the store and have it out at the register in case of discrepancies.

Melissa - In my family there are around 10 women that shop Black Friday! We have matching shirts which makes it easy to find each other in a store! Also snacks and blankets make the wait nice!


  • Take at least 1 partner. I usually drive, let my sister off at the front door, she has both of our lists, and then I park wherever I can find a spot and then go stand in line to check out. When she’s got everything, she walks up, we check out and leave! (Of course, I let people go in front of me, and explain myself to the people directly behind me letting them know I’ll let them go ahead if my sister hasn’t made it there. Most people are great about it, but some people get rude; I blame it on the early hour and jealousy that they didn’t think of it themselves.)
  • Go with a plan. If you don’t, you’ll end up buying things you don’t need or want, can’t use, or you’ll forget someone on your list.
  • Energy drinks, bottled water, and snacks in the car.
  • Fully charged cell phones.
  • Your own shopping “buggy”. We found a beach buggy one a Sam’s one year and it’s about the size of a stroller, but rectangular, see-through mesh, and it holds ALOT of stuff.
  • Layers, comfy shoes and good socks.


  • ‎Go with a partner.
  • Plan a strategy ahead of time for each store including the locations of where things will be (if possible).
  • Establish a meeting point at a certain time, especially if going to a busy store like Wal-Mart.
  • Make sure you have the cell phone numbers of everyone in your party.
  • Pack snacks.

Click here to check out the Black Friday ads and here for Amazon’s Black Friday Deals!  If you’d like to share your shopping strategies leave a comment below.  We’d love to hear from you!

Bi-Lo Updates: FREE Vanity Fair, P&G Bakewear Set, and more!

I’ve gathered a couple updates to add to your Bi-Lo shopping list this week – we love it when you guys share your finds with us – so please leave any extra deals you found in the comments!  Thanks to all you Bi-Lo experts who helped with this deal update, see the Bi-Lo Printable Deals List for 10/12 – 1/18

P&G Pink Bakeware Set (Free with $30 P&G Purchase.  Must purchase items all at once)

It appears that this rebate form to get the free bakeware set is printing out like a catalina after your receipt.  You MUST buy all the items in the same transaction to get the rebate – and your total can be $30 BEFORE coupons (so much cheaper after coupons).  Deal Detective Kim tracked down the address to send your receipt, if your form didn’t print off:

Write your name and address on a sheet of paper and mail to Cooking up early detection, PO Box 49309, Dept C, Strongsville, OH 44149  (along with the receipt, of course)

General Mils Cereal Deal Update:

Cocoa Puffs is the only GM cereal included that is enough ounces to use the Walgreens $1/2 coupon.  Therefore – make sure you get only Cocoa Puffs if you plan to use your competitor coupons for $.50 cereal!  (See details of this deal here)

Extra Deals:

Jolly Time popcorn is on sale 2/$4
Use $.50/1 or $1/2 from 9/18 SS or PRINT
(makes it as low as $1/box) *Thanks Lacey!

Suave shampoo (kids and adults professional kind) on sale for 1.89
Use the BOGO from 10/2 P&G brandsaver
(makes it .94 each) *Thanks Stacey!

Closeouts (Check your store for these items discounted 1/2 off!):

Vanity Fair Napkins – $.99
Use the $.55/1 Printable (Looks like it might be gone now) or $1/2 from 8/14 RP
(makes it as low as FREE!) *Thanks Sharon!

Scott Ultra Soft 12-Mega Rolls (= 36 Rolls) – $4.99
Used $1.50/1 coupon printed from Bi-Lo register
(makes it $3.49)

Save Money on Gas at Walmart, CVS, Bi-Lo, & your Bank!

By: Deal Detective Kim

The rising cost of gas is hitting us all where it hurts–right in the wallet!  A recent news article said Chattanooga (which is usually well below the national average in gas prices) gas prices are rising faster than the national average right now.  With that in mind, your friends here at Time2$ave (as always!) have your back when it comes to finding the best bang for your buck.
Wal-Mart – $.10 Off/Gallon:
I (DealDetectiveKim) spotted a great deal at Wal-Mart the other day.  Through Sept. 1st, if you use a Wal-Mart card to buy your gas at the Murphy station in front of Wal-Mart, instead of the usual 3 cents per gallon discount, you get **10 cents** off!
Regions Bank – 5% Cash Back:
Then this morning, I spotted another deal for those of you not close to a Wal-Mart with a Murphy station.  If you have a Regions bank checking account AND you bank online, go to “view detail/register” and look for one of the orange offer buttons (mine posted 7/21) that says 5% cash back on gas.  Click on the offer to activate it (it will turn yellow) and use your Regions check card at the gas pumps.  This offer is good through August 28th, with a maximum cash back of $10 per account.
Bi-Lo – FuelPerks:
The Bi-Lo Fuel Perks program started up last week in the Chattanooga area.  Read this post that explains the Bi-Lo Fuelperks program - it can save you TONS of money on gas if you take advantage of lots of FuelPerks Deals.
CVS – Gas Card Promotion:
Each week CVS is offering a FREE $10 Gas Card w/ purchase of certain items.  See the CVS Gas Card Promotion explained in full HERE, and this week’s CVS deals HERE.
You always knew Time2$ave could help fill your belly, who knew we could help fill your gas tank for less as well?

Facebook Poll: Time2Save Readers’ Top Splurges!

We all have those products/brands that we love – and will buy even if they’re NOT on sale or have a coupon!  (GASP)  I took a little poll on our Time2Save Facebook Page yesterday, and here are the top “splurges” that Time2Save readers can’t do without!

1) Coffee
2) Condiments  (Mayo, Ketchup, etc)
3) Peanut Butter (Overwhelmingly JIF!)
4) Toilet Paper
6) Coffee Creamer
7) Milk  (Mayfield or Organic)
8) Makeup/lotion

The great thing about couponing, is that by getting great deals on other items, we have a little extra in the budget to be able to make room for a few things we love.  It’s the little things, right?

So tell us – what do YOU “splurge” on?

Reader Tips: FREE Excedrin, Gatorade, & More!

  • Cathy wrote in to say that Food Lion has Excedrin for just $1.99!  She was able to pick up some free bottles with the $2.50/1 from the 12/5 SS
  • Kelsey & Kim told us that Publix has Gatorade for $1 right now – and there is a blinkie (coupon machine that blinks) right above it with $1/1 coupons!  Makes for FREE Gatorade!
  • StarlettScott let us know that Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks are $2 at Ingles.  Buy (4) and get $4 Off Instantly.  Use (2) $.50/2 PRINT or from the 1/2 GM insert.  Pay $6 ~ Get back a $2 Catalina – $.50 per box!
  • Annie wrote in to say that you can use the $.50/1 Nestle Toll House Refrigerate Dough Food Lion Coupon HERE to get very cheap cookie dough on the holiday varieties (Most are 1/2 off, around $1.50 now)
  • Andie reminded us that with the $.150 coupon in the 1/2 RP (no size restrictions!) you can score FREE Goodlife Recipe for Cats treats at Target!   (Only $.74)

Rader Tips: Free Shutterfly Book, $5 Starbucks Gift Card and More!

  • Tammy: Last week at Ingles a catalina printed out for a free 7×9 photo book from Shutterfly. I did this last night at I got a 20 page 7×9 book for free, just paid shipping charges. Visit: shutterly.com/catalinaoffer (Anyone else get this?  If so – what did you buy to get it?)
  • Brandon: Starbucks 12 Days of Sharing today is for a FREE $5 Starbucks Gift Card wyb 1 lb of coffee! (In-Store)
  • Sara: Chick-fil-A will be giving away FREE Spicy Chicken Sandwiches in January – you can reserve yours HERE starting 12/27!
  • James: Get a hot $2 off coupon from Challenge Dairy HERE – making butter around $1!

Do you have some reader tips?  Leave a comment here – and share it with our fellow readers!