Kroger Weekly Ad & Coupon Deals 3/31-4/6

Kroger Here are the best Kroger Deals for the week of 3/31.  The best deals this week are FREE Totino’s Pizza Rolls, Chobani Yogurt, Reach Floss, and Brut Deodorant, as well as cheap Angel Soft Tissue and 7 Up 2 liters.


Shopping Tips:

  •  Make sure you load all the new Cellfire Coupons to your Kroger Plus Card, as well as various Kroger E-Coupons and Shortcuts E-Coupons
  • Most Kroger stores will allow either a paper coupon OR an E-Coupon per item. Some stores still allow both.
  • Only one Mega Event Instant Savings per transaction. To do more than one grouping, break it into a few transactions.


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Chuckie Cheese Coupons & Fun in the Ticket Booth #blogher11


Kasey here we’ve told ya’ll about our trip to BlogHer last week in San Diego.  I got laughed at for my little adventure into the Chuck E. Cheese ticket booth.  That’s okay, I was willing to look ridiculous scrambling around grabbing tickets while they were getting blown all around me.  Here I am ready to start.  You can’t tell here but they gave me goggles I had to wear before all the action started.  I have to admit it made me a bit apprehensive – am I going to be attacked by Chuck E Cheese tickets?


Ready Set Go!


This was not an easy task – trying to hold on to tickets at the same time I was trying to grab more was enough to make my head spin.  It was a lot of fun, to cut loose in front of people I didn’t know and act crazy for a few minutes.  The best part was the smiles it put on Morgan and Caleb’s face, they think their mom is Super Cool!


They gave me this cute little change purse to give my kids to go along with my tickets.

Guess how many tickets I managed to grab?  Leave a comment below telling us how many you think.


It’s a great place to celebrate a birthday – I love the fact that every game is only one token.   Speaking of birthday’s you can sign up for exclusive coupons on their website and get free tokens for your kid’s birthday.


Photo Credit:  Cortney Wheeler Photography

Taking our kids to Chuck E Cheese has become a family birthday lunch tradition that I am going to hold onto as long as I can.  As a family we always have so much fun.  I can’t believe how fast time flies it feels like  he was born yesterday.  I know he’s mine but he is such a precious little boy, full of joy and jokes.

I asked him this morning if he was excited about his birthday, that I couldn’t believe my baby boy was turning 5.  He said, “You know mom, I’m not that cranked up yet about my birthday.  It’s still two days away it will be forever before it gets here.  I’ll be cranked up then though, don’t worry.” Cranked up?  I have no idea where he got that.  His personality reminds me a lot of my dad he was so funny.

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