Prayer Requests, Anyone?

God works in even small things – like this – and I just felt that I should write this post today…

The last few weeks, so many people we know have been struck by personal tragedy, illness, relationship troubles, and financial crises.  We know that many of you in the Time2Save community are also struggling with hard stuff in your lives right now.   And while we always pray for you as a community, we’d like to open this post up for you to give voice to those things.  You can simply leave your prayer requests as a comment below  – and you can always post prayer requests on our Facebook Wall.  We have some powerful prayer warriors out there!

Let us and others in the Time2Save community lift you up in prayer.  Give someone the chance to speak encouragement to you – or look for someone that you can encourage.

Join Us In Prayer for the Tornado Victims.

Photo from a front porch in Cleveland, TN yesterday.

After yesterday’s three rounds of massive tornados (160 in all) – the death toll is up to 213, and rising.

Over a million people are without power  - and thousands are injured.  Temporary morgues have been set up, and parking lots have been transformed into command headquarters for donations.

You can see footage of a tornado going through Alabama HERE

We are still in shock, many of us finding out that more and more people we know have lost their homes as the day goes on.

I ask that you join us in prayer for those affected by this storm – and I personally would like to offer God praise that my family is unharmed.

Please comment and tell the Time2Save Community what you need to pray for, or what you would like to give praise for.  We’ll be checking all day – and lifting you up in prayer!!

Also – if you have a story you want to share, or know of a place to drop off donations – leave that in the comment section as well for those who are itching to jump in and help!!!

Let’s Praise God – Please Read!

To all of you:
(Jamie here!)

I want to apologize first that I haven’t been around all day for the usual Rite-Aid, Target, etc…  Let me please tell you why.

My husband felt odd this morning on the way home from church.  Sick, sweaty, shaky, short of breath.  And it kept getting worse.  We sat on the couch, praying over him, and trying to decide what to do.  Fifteen minutes later, panicking, we left for the E.R.

While I sat there, worrying, listening to his ragged breathing and watching his hands shake – I was so scared that I would lose this man that I love.  My four young boys watched him warily, fearful and uncomprehending.  After several rounds of tests, and six hours of waiting and worrying, the doctor came in to talk to us. 

Every test result came back PERFECT.  The x-rays, the bloodwork, the EKG – all PERFECT!  It seems he just had an anxiety attack – a result of many factors, all of which we are making plans to alleviate.  This can be fixed.  (breathe) This is going to be okay.  (breathe) My sweet, wonderful husband is going to be just fine.

I am crying with relief right now as I write this, and I just want to praise God for His Goodness, for the people that He gives to us to love and to love us, for the things that are really important.  We just arrived home, and I’m going to take the rest of the evening to take care of my family and recover from the exhausting tension of the day.  But before I sign off, I want to open this post up for any of you who want to give thanks for things in YOUR lives!  I am in the mood to praise God tonight – let’s praise Him together.

Thank you Jesus!!

Urgent Prayer Request

Kelly here…While we are working on our website and bringing an easier way to add prayer requests, I wanted to bring a family’s story to your attention.  Last night at church we were told about another church family who is serving as missionaries in another country.  This country is predominately Muslim.  They have been able to share the Gospel of Christ with three other families who have converted to Christianity.  What a miracle in itself!  Others in the community found out about the conversions and have taken action against one of the family’s children.  While at school, the children have been beaten and locked in closets.  Another complication is that it is illegal to NOT send yous kids to school there. In otherwords, the parents have taken their children out of school but now face consequences from the government for doing so. 
Please pray for this family. They are facing decisions and opposition most of us could never dream of.  Pray for their protection, wisdom, strength and comfort from The One they have brought into their home and hearts.  While you’re praying for them, this is also a time to reflect on our own blessings and unworthiness to receive them…an opportunity to thank our Heavenly Father that our problems pale in comparison to what this family faces. 
Finally, from the heart of a mother I ask that you pray for these precious children. Caught in the middle of spiritual warfare, I pray they will see the incredible faith of their parents…that they will embrace the love and truth of Jesus…that God would use them in a mighty way to bring beauty from their suffering to influence their community, country and generation for the Gospel. 
I look forward to meeting this family one day in our Heavenly home and encourage you to not take lightly our repsonsibility to pray for them and all of the persecuted church.