Sunday Coupon Inserts: (12/30/12)

Wondering what coupons will be in this Sunday’s newspaper?  Stop by each Saturday for a sneak peek!

This coming Sunday (12/30) we can expect:

  • (1) P&G

To see what coupons to expect in your inserts - CLICK HERE

IMPORTANT: The inserts & coupons each region receives, is based on the manufacturer’s preference.  You may find that you didn’t get every insert expected – or that you are missing coupons that other regions received.  THIS IS NORMAL!  The best thing to do is try and buy a paper from the largest city nearby.

Chattanooga, Cleveland, & N. Georgia Folks – Discounted Sunday Chattanooga Times Free Press!


The Chattanooga Times Free Press has a discounted coupon package for the Sunday edition beginning this Sunday, December 30th.  It will combine two Sunday editions of the CTFP in one package for $2.00.  The double package deal is only available at Bi-Lo and WalMart. You can find the discounted coupon packages at Bi-Lo strapped together, or WalMart bagged together.

The single edition is $1.50 per copy, making the $2.00 double package deal a great saving opportunity!!