NO Coupon Inserts Tomorrow!!

You can take a little break next week from buying the Sunday paper, because there won’t be any inserts at all!
You might want to just leaf through and peek in the PARADE or the USA whatever-it-is though, just in case they stuck some awesomely awesome coupon in there to shake things up.

This would be a good week to spend a few minutes catching up on grabbing the good December printables before they start hitting their Print Limits towards the end of the month.  Look around and see if you missed any on, Smartsource, RedPlum or!!

Sunday Coupon Inserts: (5/12/13)


Wondering what coupon inserts will be in this Sunday’s newspaper?  It’s a great week for coupons, there will be three inserts!

This coming Sunday (5/12) we can expect:

  • (1) RedPlum
  • (1) Smart Source
  • (1) P & G

If you live in the Chattanooga area you can now purchase two copies of the Chattanooga Times Free Press bundled together. For details on the discounted coupon packages click here.  There will be savings up to $120 in this weeks edition of the Chattanooga Times Free Press!

To see what coupons to expect in your inserts - CLICK HERE


IMPORTANT: The inserts & coupons each region receives, is based on the manufacturer’s preference.  You may find that you didn’t get every insert expected – or that you are missing coupons that other regions received.  THIS IS NORMAL!  The best thing to do is try and buy a paper from the largest city nearby.