From Our Family to Yours! Merry Christmas!

Today is a day for family, friends, and for celebrating the birth of our Savior.  We’ve made a decision not to post any last minute deals today or tomorrow.   There are no last minute sales, unadvertised super deals, or free items that are worth sacrificing time with the ones in our lives who mean the most.

In saying all of that, we wish you and your families a Merry Christmas.  We are going to sit back and relax with our families, enjoy the peace from our Savior, savor moments of excitement with our children and celebrate the significance of today.

You have heard us say this before……. It’s not about just getting a deal, it’s about making a difference.  For us, that difference is being with our families.   We’d like to challenge you, our faithful Time 2 $ave Community to do the same.  It’s hard to step back sometimes, but I know we won’t regret who we choose to honor the most this Christmas!   We pray the same peace, joy, and love to all of you.


Time 2 $ave Community ~ The way you have embraced the challenge to give back and invest into lives around you blows us away.  You have taken our vision and multiplied it beyond our imagination.   We all know, at the end of the day it has nothing to do with coupons.  They just happen to be the tool that has brought hope back into the lives of so many of our family’s.  More importantly, they’ve given us the resources to give abundantly into the lives of others.   God only knows what He has in store as our message continues to spread and be embraced by so many.

Time 2 $ave + Time 2 Give = Time 4 Hope

Merry Christmas!

Thank you to every one of you who comes to our site and supports us each day.
Many Blessings,
Kasey, Kelly, and the entire Time 2 $ave Team!

Are you traveling during the Holidays with a new baby?

We are excited that our friend and new mommy, Dixie, will be sharing her baby’s first Christmas with us. Thanks so much Dixie for sharing your heart. There are so many “firsts” with a new baby, and they aren’t always easy. We hope that this series will encourage you during the Holiday Season and speak peace to your heart.

 Is your family anxiously awaiting your arrival? 

Extended family can be a worry for new moms. Traveling long distances is often required. Then there are cousins, aunts, uncles, second cousins, step family, and host of others that are waiting in line to pass around your child.  I, for one, worked hard to set my daughter’s internal clock so she knew day was day and night was night. I also keep a flexible schedule for feeding. This helps me know confidently when my daughter needs what. Obviously my situation is not compatible with a large family get together. Instead of not going (or going and panicing) I decided to take a different approach.  Relax, take a deep breath, and remember that one week or weekend is not going to undo everything I’ve done for my baby. Instead of worrying about a schedule,I’m trying to think of this time as a break! My baby is within sight and my hands are free. Even if I’m still nursing, I can express milk before the event and let another family member feed the new addition…or I can use nursing as an excuse to retreat for time alone with my precious one.  My goal is to not fret over germs from other people’s children.  Babies wash well and let’s face the facts – they will get sick at some point!  I’ve decided I’d rather it be because of a family loving on my sweetie than because of a dirty shopping cart or overcrowded church nursery.

Remember families are made for love and sharing, the good and the bad.  Try to spend some time in prayer over your little one before traveling and being passed as the family football.  Then let God do the rest.

God Bless,


Your First Christmas with Baby: Living Away From Family

We are excited that our friend and new mommy Dixie, will be sharing her baby’s first Christmas with us. My babies are now 4 and 7 I had forgotten the challenges that we faced our first Christmas.  Thanks so much Dixie for sharing your heart. I wish you would have written this about seven years ago, it would have been very helpful:)

Here it is, the first big event since the birth of my new baby… the holidays. Even a woman who is a seasoned cook and has been hosting seasonal events for years on her own, I am still intimidated by the first Christmas with our new little one.  A baby’s first can never be repeated which invites a myriad of people wanting to spend this time with our family. With a little practical advice and prayer, I’m hoping to make it through our baby’s first Christmas with a lot of great memories.
There are so many questions that arise when I look at my new person who is now involved in planning for the holidays. If you are like me, you live close to one set of grandparents and hours away from the other.  Question number one is, “How do I treat everyone fairly without stretching myself too thin – time and money wise?” Traveling with a small child is a challenge, especially when nursing.  Plus money is tight for everyone right now which makes travel harder to accomplish. To help cope with the unfairness of the living situation my husband and I decided to have candid talk with the grandparents living eight hours away. We discussed with them what it would mean for our daughter to see the other set of grandparent’s everyday and them only when we could afford to visit. We let them know up front that we understood that it was not fair and that sometimes it would be painful for them to think about. Then we asked them about what we could do to help them feel more involved and incorporated into our daughter’s life. We also discussed what things were most important to them. Maybe the actual date is not as important as just celebrating family traditions together. This allows for better pricing on gas, flights, rental cars, and hotels if needed.  This allowed for a compromise with which everyone was comfortable.  By letting the grandparents know we understood their perspective and trying to meet them in the middle on as much as possible, hurt feelings were avoided.  Anxiety attack number one was avoided.
I am working hard to remember that God is in always in control. In my efforts to find a new balance, I know I can put others first without putting myself out and with honest communication most any issue can be resolved. If your family is asking too much of you, kindly let them know you are feeling overwhelmed and need their help in finding a solution.

Hoping you have blessed holiday season,


Funny Friday


I love this picture, it cracks me up!  Don’t we all need to laugh more. Laughter is like medicine to our soul. Thought we’d enjoy each other’s creativity today.  As Christmas is quickly approaching and stress might be creeping in, take a moment kick up your feet and use your imagination.   Can’t wait to read your comments, release your inner child.

If this picture had a caption what would it say………..?


Warning: Child Tax Credit to drop from $1,000 to $500 this year!

If you haven’t joined Daily Worth yet – I just wanted to tell you that it’s very worth a couple minutes of your time each day.  They send out daily bites of financial advice that are easy to understand and helpful for those of us who like to bury our heads in the sand about such things!

Today I was reading an article about how the Child Tax Credit (Previously $1,000) will drop to just $500 this year. Considering my husband and I always plan to pay off certain credit cards with our tax returns – this is good information to know – albeit super-sad :(

The emails just keep you “in the know” about new policies, tips for financial planning, how to save more money, what to do with that money, and other helpful topics.  You can sign up by clicking HERE to start getting them too!

Meet Daniel!

He’s the sweet man who helped us out on the drive here to the conference today!

While attempting to use the cigarette lighter to power a laptop, cellphone, GPS Device, and hotrollers (Are we good Southern girls or what?) – we mysteriously blew a fuse…   Left with no directions, internet, hotrollers, or cell phone charge – we thought it best to stop.

Kasey pulled into the Walmart parking lot and we walked in through the auto entrance to seek help.  What we found – was Daniel.

This kindly North Carolina cowboy turned out to be a Baptist preacher and a fuse-changing genius!  Thank you, Daniel, for helping us in our time of need – without you we might have never found our way here, much less arrived with our hair curled!