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#Giveaway: Signed copy of Amy Giggles by Coy Bowles from The Zac Brown Band! #childhunger




A couple of weeks ago, we posted about working as a blogger ambassador with ConAgra Foods and the Child Hunger Ends Here Campaign.  Ya’ll know we are all about giving….we are thrilled to have the opportunity to spread the word about a cause that is so near and dear to our hearts.


When Jamie and I were at Blissdom (a blogger’s conference) in Nashville back in February we received a copy of the children’s book “Amy Giggles” by Coy Bowles of the Zac Brown Band on behalf of ConAgra Foods and the Child Hunger Ends Here campaign.



I loved Amy Giggles, a very real story about a little girl who was determined to change her BIG LOUD laugh after kids made fun of her.  She did everything she could to conceal her laugh, yet after a while try as she might her laugh just couldn’t be contained.  Before she knew it all the effort in the world was in vain, and her Big Ole laugh came barreling out along with a change of heart.  No matter what she wouldn’t hold back anymore.  It didn’t matter if people made fun of her.  I love the last line of the book , “I like my laugh, and I’ll never hold it in again.”

How many of us can relate?  I know I do, I was the 6ft tall girl that people called Big Bird.  I hated being tall, I was so self conscious about my height that I started slouching.  As a result I’ve got terrible posture now.  Don’t get me wrong I am 100% okay with being tall now, however it took years for me to be able to accept and be comfortable in my own skin.




So what’s the deal?  How did a country music star end up writing a children’s book?  I recently had the opportunity to chat with Coy over the phone and ask him personally about his book and his involvement with the ConAgra Child Hunger Ends Here campaign.  It was really neat to hear his heart, and his passion for helping children.


Where in the world did he come up with the character, Amy Giggles?

Coy met the real life inspiration behind Amy Giggles while having dinner with a group of friends.  After he had listened to a lady huff and puff obviously trying to conceal her laugh someone finally interjected and asked why she didn’t just laugh out loud.  Coy was shocked to hear how she had changed her laugh after being made fun of as a child.  It’s crazy to think how much other people influence who we become.  Our laughter is something that is inherently who we are.  Yet, as a result of hearing a couple of kids make fun of her laugh this lady was holding back years later even as an adult.  Although it took much longer to complete the book, Coy actually wrote the story of Amy Giggles in 15 minutes. 


Why is Coy involved with the ConAgra Child Hunger Ends Here campaign?

Coy told me it was hard for him to believe that so many children could be hungry here in the USA. Although he doesn’t have any children himself, he is passionate about instilling confidence and encouraging children to achieve their dreams.  Without food, children have no hope.  When children have to worry where their next meal will come from it crushes their hope and affects their drive and zeal for life.  Coy believes that we can make a difference, that’s why he has joined ConAgra in helping spread the word about Child Hunger Ends Here. 

*A portion of the proceeds of sale of Amy Giggles will be donated to Camp Southern Ground, Inc., a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.


Amy Giggles

It’s such a cute book, and I appreciate the fact that it tackles real issues that I can talk to my kids about. And…….we’ve got 5 signed copies of Amy Giggles to give away!!  Follow the instructions below, and enter to win.
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When You Need a Break from Couponing (Part 2)

I got 10 packs of Trix Yogurt for $.59 each!

Couponing can be stressful and overwhelming at times, especially when you need to run out for groceries and you just don’t have time to check the ads, print coupons, clip them and form a gameplan.  You’re not alone – we’ve ALL needed a break from time to time, and there are options to combat “coupon fatigue”!  (In fact, last night Kasey co-hosted a chat as part of Ebates Savvy Living Community on just that topic!  You can view it HERE)

In the first part of this series, we talked about UGO Grocery Outlets.  I live near one, and this week was able to pick up 8 boxes of Sunkist Fruit Rollups for $.50 each!  I also got Kraft American Cheese Slices 24-pk for $1.99 and Smart Balance Peanut Butter for $1.49.  (Woohoo!)

Here are some more places that I like to shop when I just don’t have the energy to coupon:

  • Aldi  (Yep – we do weekly lists for them too!)
  • UGO (United Grocery Outlet)
  • Big Lots
  • Merita Bakery Thrift Stores (Do a Google search to find one near you)
  • Little Debbie Thrift Stores (Do a Google search to find one near you)
    *I picked up Blueberry Mini-Muffins for $.50 per box a couple weeks ago!

Where are your go-to places for good deals without coupons?  Please share them in the comments!

Reporting Vs Tattling: Here’s a Great Way to Explain to the Kiddos!



Tattling VS Reporting

I found this on Pinterest and loved it.  I think it’s difficult for a chid to understand the difference between tattling and reporting.   It can be equally as difficult to communicate the difference.  This is not only a great reminder for moms, but also an easy to follow cheat sheet.  I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t mind keeping a couple of these on hand.  That way, next time Morgan and/or Caleb decide to tell on one another I can hand them a copy and ask them if it falls within the guidelines of reporting or tattling.

Do you have any suggestions to add?


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If the conversation seems like it’s rolling to fast you can slow it down by adjusting the speed.  Click the (-) button beside “display speed” I have included a screen shot below for your reference.


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If you haven’t signed up to be a member of ebates you are missing out on free money!  It’s my and Jamie’s favorite way to shop online – we love getting our “BIG fat check” once a quarter in the mail.

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Time 4 Change


I started this journey a little over three years ago.  As I looked for ways to save money and meet our family’s goals, I stumbled upon the growing popularity of couponing.  For those who’ve attended a workshop and heard my personal story, couponing was an enjoyable and exciting way to get the name brand products we needed at incredible prices.  It was new, it was fun, it was work, but then a new journey always is!

Adding the business aspect to couponing was icing on the cake as it afforded many opportunities to travel and meet lots of new people.  I have been amazed hearing your stories and accomplishments of how you’ve used couponing to enrich your own lives.  All great things! But…have you ever eaten too much cake? Over time, I knew I was entering a wrestling match as I was trying to balance my heart (my family and kids) with this journey.  I found I was allowing the demands for travel, research and all the other things that go along with starting a business to take over a much larger portion of my life.  Don’t get me wrong – saving money and being a better steward is a good thing.  Showing others how to save and using this to enhance giving is a good thing.  What I was learning was the lessons that come when there is “too much of a good thing.”

I remember hearing one of my favorite speakers, Beth Moore, sharing about balance and priorities.  Her point was basically a calling never comes at the sacrifice of one’s family.  Hum…that gave me something to think about.  I knew I was no longer giving my best to my family, friends and to the priorities that I’d left the workplace for from the beginning.  I was struck one day as I read Patrick Mobley’s quote, “If you don’t have enough time for your family, you can be one hundred percent certain you are not following God’s will for your life.” Ouch!  How many times had I stayed on the computer too long trying to track down one more deal?  How often had I cut a trip with the kids to the park short so we could stop at the store for one more sale?  How many engaging conversations had I had with strangers about saving money or coupon strategies and come home too tired engage with my husband and kids?

For most people, I believe we go through a season of finding ourselves in this place – a place of unbalance, a place that we really didn’t intend to enter but in our passion of going full force ahead, we looked up and no longer recognized the scenery.  I don’t say this to beat myself or anyone else up. There were great intentions that fueled the way.  I’m simply acknowledging where I’ve allowed the journey to take me.  So I say with a renewed spirit and gratitude for detours, “My name is Kelly and I’ve gotten off track.  While the pursuit of saving money is not a bad thing, I’ve let it take over my life.  But today I’m making a change!”  Yes, I’m making some changes.  I’m laying down some of the balls I’ve tried for too long to juggle…one of them being Time 2 $ave.  Of course, I’ll still look for savings and grab a couple (no more than 2!) blinkies in the store.  Shopping according to sale cycles makes sense in my world and I will always enjoy stocking up on clearance items.  I’m at a place where I realize that I can’t do it all!  There may be days that I have to shop without a single coupon. There may be times I pay full price.  But I’m putting my priorities back in line.   I want to be at home more nights for supper and less on my computer.  I want homeschooling to be an adventure we share and not another box on my checklist.  I want to sit beside my hubby and watch reruns of our favorite shows holding hands and not a pair of scissors.  My kids are growing faster than I could have imagined and I choose to make a larger investment in their lives than in my bank account. I know to meet these goals, there has to be change.  With the addition of a new precious life to our family in just a few weeks, now is the time. It’s been a great journey and one that I’m humbled to have been a part of.  Signing off for the last time…Kelly

How do you say ‘Coupon’? CUE – pon or COO – pon?

Image Credit:

Do You Say CUE-pons or COO-pons?



In a recent survey, announced that 57% of those who responded to the nationwide poll say CUE-pon.  Wooo – Hoooo that’s how we say it around here.  Not that there is anything wrong with saying Coo-pon, it just sounds a little weird to this southern girl.  (I know, I know – I sound weird to you, it’s okay.)  (3,500 people responded to the survey)

The largest supplier of internet printable coupons is The CEO of, Steven Boal, was a bit surprised that CUE-pon is the most popular pronunciation, he founded the company 13 years ago and has always said COO-pons.


Here are a couple of interesting facts.


Number of CUE-pon States – 36 (72%)

Top 5 CUE-pon states:


  • New Mexico
  • Idaho
  • Missouri
  • South Dakota
  • North Dakota


    Number of COO-pon States 14 + Washington DC

    Top 5 COO-pon States:

  • Washington, DC
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • Hawaii
  • Rhode Island

    Quarterly Top Coupon Category– Household Cleaners & Supplies


    Top Ten Categories In order from most popular:

  • Household Cleaners & Supplies
  • Ready-to-Eat Cereal
  • Yogurt
  • Soup
  • Nutritional Snacks
  • Portable Snacks
  • Fruit Juice
  • Frozen Breakfast Foods
  • Salty Snacks
  • Refrigerated Dough



Popularity of Coupons

As the demand for coupons continues, brands are trying to keep up with the trend by issuing more coupons.  In 2010, 330 million dollars worth of coupons was dispersed.  The fastest growing category, is internet printable coupons however, newspaper inserts continue to be the greatest resource 89.7%.


What about You?  What do you say?  Leave a Comment and “like” this post!  It will be interesting to see what our percentages look like.

Source: Releases Surprising Results of a Nationwide Poll: 57 Percent of Americans Say CUE-pon, not COO-pon.  11/3/2011 Press Release