Happy Father’s Day


We wanted to wish everyone a Happy Father’s Day.  My daddy is celebrating in heaven.  Although, I miss him so much I know nothing on earth can compare to his eternal home. My dad was so funny! Everyone wanted to be around him. What I remember most is daddy always doing for others. So many times he would call me, once I moved to Cleveland, and tell me he and my mom were coming for the day just to bring us something or take us to dinner. I watched him serve people, give, and love others with an unwavering passion. If you knew him, you loved him and wanted to be around him. He always made me laugh, brightened my day, and made me feel loved and adored. I miss him so very much! He would have enjoyed all his grand babies so much and they would have had so much fun with them. 



Today, my kids and I celebrate my hubby.  He is an incredible husband, father, and friend.  I am blessed beyond measure, and so thankful.  Our story is not perfect, in fact there were years when our marriage was completely broken, but God has healed our hearts and restored our life. As a result of those years that seemed so hopeless, I appreciate our life together so much more. I am so thankful for a man that loves God, loves me, and loves his children. He is a man of integrity that leads us with Godly wisdom and love. We are so excited to celebrate him today.


10 Tips to Keep Your Family from Catching School Germs!


My 6 year old started sniffling today - and while my brain registered that it was very likely his allergies kicking in and not the flu – it did remind me that we’ve forgotten to get back into the after-school routine we began last year.  Or as I like to call it – Operation Decontamination.

We were getting sick so often from the kids bring home school germs, that I began having them wash their hands and arms as soon as they walked into the door and change into play clothes, putting their germy school clothes into the hamper.
I know it may sound a bit over-the-top, but it was the only way I could think of to stop our whole family from constantly getting whatever was going around the elementary school.

Here are my Top 10 Tips to keep your family free of school-borne illness:

1 ) Keep anti-bacterial wipes in the car, to de-germ as soon as possible after school pickups

2 ) Wash your hands the minute you walk in the door

3 ) Change their clothes upon arriving home

4 ) Sneeze into tissues and then toss them immediately – sneezing into an elbow or sleeve is also better than a hand.

5 ) Take Vitamins (Especially C) to keep their (and your) immune systems strong and resilient

6 ) Teach your kids not to share things like thermoses, cups, food, etc… at school

7 ) Stay informed about illnesses spreading around the school, and don’t be afraid to keep your child home for a “Sick Day” once in awhile when the risk of catching something is high.  In the long run, it can prevent them, and you, from having to take extra time off school or work.

8 ) When your kids DO come home sick, switch to paper towels instead of cloth towels for a few days so they won’t spread the germs to other siblings or adults.

9 ) Teach kids to wash hands for at least 20 seconds (That’s how long it takes to sing “Happy Birthday” twice)

10 ) Exercise, Plenty of Sleep, and Healthy Eating are tried and true ways to keep your body’s defenses up!


What do you do to make sure your family stays healthy all year long?

Merry Christmas from our Family to Yours as we Celebrate the Birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Source:  Finding Christ in Christmas /

Today is a day for family, friends, and for celebrating the birth of our Savior.  We are going to enjoy the peace from our Savior, savor moments of excitement with our children, and celebrate the significance of today.  We wish you and yours a Blessed and Merry Christmas.


Happy Thanksgiving from our Family to Yours!


We hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We pray blessings over you and your family and an abundance of joy in your heart.  We want to send a heartfelt thank you for each time you visit our blog, facebook, twitter, etc.  We appreciate each time you’ve shared the message of T2$ with family, friends, or even a stranger.  We are blessed to be a blessing.

As always, we don’t want to ever forget, that it’s not just about getting a deal, it’s about making a difference.


Saw the quote below and wanted to post.  Such a true and heartfelt message.  May we use our blessings to bless others!

Diabetes & Unspoken Committments



I’ve shared in previous posts, our journey with my daughter’s diagnosis with Type I Diabetes.  Although, I am very thankful that it is a treatable disease and she can live a long healthy life, we have definitely had to make adjustments.  Our days are filled with finger pricks, carb counting, and insulin dosing.  I am not a diabetes expert, doctor, or educator.  Instead, a wife to a Type I Diabetic for 16 years and mamma to a Type I Diabetic for 6 years.

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National Diabetes Awareness Month: My Story of My Daughter’s Diagnosis with Type I Diabetes.


A couple of months ago, I shared a video of my kids and I talking about Type 1 Diabetes.  You see in my family both my husband and daughter are Type I Diabetics.  The question I get asked most often is “How did you find out your daughter was diabetic”?  Were there signs that you noticed”?   In honor of National Diabetes Awareness Month, I thought it was the perfect time to share my story of my daughter’s diagnosis.



Morgan – 9 Years Old

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#ChildHunger: Schools Out for the Summer but Child Hunger Isn’t

hunger free   School is out, and it’s officially S U M M E R T I M E!  Many of us are planning vacation getaways with our families and other fun family activities.   It’s so easy to get busy and forget about needs around us, especially since daily school routine has been interrupted with promises of summertime fun.  In reality, during the summer months free and discounted school lunches are gone. Therefore, the number of children are food insecure is even greater.

This summer, approximately 18 million children will face a greater risk of hunger while they’re out of school. During the school year, almost 21 million children depend on free or reduced-price school meals to help keep them from going hungry. But only 2.3 million children are enrolled in similar summer meal programs.1

(from http://www.hungerfreesummertour.org/)


The past couple of months, I have posted several times about the ConAgra Foods Child Hunger Ends Here campaign as one of their blogger ambassadors. I’ve include links below to a couple of my favorite posts!  Remember, all you have to do is enter the codes on the back of participating ConAgra products online and ConAgra will donate a meal.

Child Hunger Ends Here- 3 Ways to Include Your Kids in Giving

ConAgra- Child Hunger Ends Here! We can all help by entering

ConAgra Child Hunger Ends Here- Enter Codes to Donate Meals!


All you have to do is enter the codes on the back of participating ConAgra products online and ConAgra will donate a meal. If you have codes that you haven’t entered yet you’ve still got time!  Codes will be accepted up to a maximum of 3 million meal donations or until 8/31/2012


You can make a difference by purchasing participating ConAgra products at your local grocery store. Look for the push pin logo, and enter the code online at Child Hunger Ends Here. For every code entered, ConAgra will donate the equivalent of one meal. You can also follow the discussion at www.facebook.com/ConAgraFoods, or tweet along by following www.twitter.com/ConAgraFoods and using #ChildHunger.

I am a blogger correspondent for ConAgra’s Child Hunger Ends Here campaign. Opinions and experiences shared here are my own.   1 U.S. Department of Agriculture/FNS